Deficit Soaring Faster Than Expected

What’s the result of Trump’s tax cuts - especially those for corporations which went from 35% tax to 21% tax?

Meantime, Trump also wants the IRS to change the definition of a word, so that he can do an executive order and give the superwealthy a bit of relief from their capital gains tax.

Changing the definition of a word to change a law - I had thought only the Russians were that despicable…

Conservatives are far more worried about any potential trade deficit with Canada. That’s where the real money is.

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nah, the real money is in Russian aluminum

Ya but trump has created 167,000 jobs a month on average

Con man gonna con

All you need is john roberts to change the definition of a word to change a law. No IRS needed.

This is a massive failure on the part of Congressional Republicans. And it won’t get any better with Democrats, who are pushing a Medicare for all deal that would cost $32 trillion.

Even the recent report that you are referencing said that it would be less expensive for the American people than the private insurance system we have now.

The Private system we have will cost us more and cover less people.


Grover Norquist coming in and saying this adjustment would pay for itself via increased economic efficiencies.

LOLOLOLOL!!! They never get tired of trying to dupe the American public.

Never fear - this is all a part of Trump’s eleventh dimensiony plan to pay off the national debt within 8 years. You see - he needs the deficits to grow fast enough that they will automatically pay off the debt…

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Hey… maybe you are on to something.

The deficit gets so large that it comes around back to zero… yeah… thats the ticket.


Lol - at this point, you just have to laugh at just how bad some people were duped in the 2016 election. :rofl:

Anyone get invited to the huge Tea Party rallies planned to protest this?



I am very intelligent and fair because I say both parties are equally bad. Therefore I am not responsible for continuously voting for the most fiscally irresponsible one.

–Tea Party


these people are no better than the Toys R Us CEO who fleeced the company on the way down.

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Yeah, we heard the same thing after Obamacare, yet the 2016 budget deficit was 1/3 of what it was in 2010.

when i was really young i considered it important for power to flip flop (so, for example, the republicans could come in and fix fiscal stuff at times).

man, that ship sailed.

I’m so confused…:sunglasses:

Yes. It’s been apparent for a while. Mostly because you believe Trump’s administration more than is healthy.

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