Defensive interview to Trump Campaign

I heard someone ask this question last night, somewhere, and it made a lot of sense. If the Obama admin was worried that the Trump campaign had rooskie spies in it, why didn’t they call up the Trump campaign and warn them?

“Hey, Look out for that Carter Page guy”…

Just a phone call away…


From the an article. “That the Republican and Democrat nominee for President received a standardized briefing on counter-intelligence is hardly a news story,” "

But, why not tell Trump about the specific spies they were worried about, like Carter Page?

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There’s no one in the Trump campaign that they could trust.


You took a quote from Trump Deputy Press Secretary Shah as some sort of proof here? Come on man, even you are better than that. Aren’t you?

Why would the FBI or the DOJ name specific people if they are not 100% certain that they are actually working for a foreign government? That makes no sense whatsoever in an ongoing investigation. Face it man, the question posed by this “someone” in the OP is silly, because the Trump campaign WAS warned in advance that Russia may attempt to infiltrate the campaign.

How do you know they didn’t? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were told and that they were so involved in using Page that obviously it didn’t matter.

If they knew of specific actions the Russians were taking to infiltrate the Trump campaign, the Obama admin should have told them. Russia and China and other always try to influence the elections, thus the standardized warning.

If they sent a spy in to check out Carter Page, they should have warned Trump, Page had Russian connections. They didn’t.

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Should be thread over. But it won’t be.

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Boring. The FBI warned them, which basically obliterates the entire premise of your OP. That the Trump campaign was so incompetent and inept under such poor management by Trump himself that they chose to engage in zero vetting of anyone they brought on board is on them. Trying to pass the blame to Obama is absurd. Did Rush tell you this or something? This sounds like some Rush fan-fic here.

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Agreed. The goalposts will be carted all over the field on this one. They have to blame someone. It is their knee-jerk victimization on full display here.

If they knew of specific actions the Russians were taking to infiltrate the Trump campaign, the Obama admin should have told them… But they didn’t.

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All they did was tell the Trump campaign to be aware of Russian infiltration and they did nothing.

Yep, that’s Obama’s fault.

Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn because of his russian ties.

Also - all the articles already posted show that Trump was warned numerous times.

Like when Barack Obama warned Trump personally about Michael Flynn and was ignored? Or when Sally Yates delivered a personal report on him to the White House, only for him to remain in his position for weeks until the story became public?

It’s not Obama’s fault that Trump and his people are a bunch of blowhards who are dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance.


Obama personally warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn. Which of course means that ODD sufferer Donald Trump had to hire Michael Flynn.

Obama was in charge of law enforcement. He failed.

but why would they do that before they knew who else was acting along with carter page?

You run with that.

That was after the election

They specifically told the trump campaign:

  • The russians are trying to infiltrate your campaign.
  • Flynn is a security risk because of his ties with russia.

Still not enough for you?

Also, it is likely the Obama administration didn’t know the FBI was speaking to an informant inside the trump campaign.