Defensive Gun Use

Not every defensive use of a firearm requires the good guy to fire his weapon.

It may not have been required but it was warranted. The man’s head should be missing right now.

“Cleanup on aisle two!”

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Somewhere in excess of 98% of DGU’s do not involve anyone firing a gun.

In most cases the mere knowledge that the potential target is armed is all the deterrent necessary.

Video is unavailable gotta nuther link?

EDTA: got it, you just have to watch it on Youtube as the owner doesn’t allow playback on other sites.

You’d be surprised how many similar DGU’s you can find on youtube particularly with other convenience store attempted robberies.

Youtube it.

Wait a second, Hannity forum mercenaries recently were proclaiming that you needed all sorts of training and practice to defend yourself/

98% huh?

The level of training necessary goes up exponentially when you have to make the decision to draw and much more so in deciding to fire and then to put the round accurately on target.

The vast majority of DGU’s don’t involve the firing of a gun.