Defense Esper is fired

President Trump tweeted

Spoken like a true lib…

That would ruin the joke. The funny part is Trump firing him and then Biden not having to be stuck with a republican picked FBI director.

If he needed firing, good timing. We’re not at war.

Well we haven’t been at war since 1945. So it’s been breezy for 75 years. No problems.

1 Brigade in Iraq is not “at war”.

I didn’t say it was. Interesting non sequitur you posted. Not sure why. We haven’t been at war since 1945 is all I said. So since then we’ve been fine replacing secretaries of defense whenever…

Trump upgraded. Miller is a former 5th Group officer.

What does it matter, he’s a One Term President, gone in a few weeks. It was just rage.

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Well, admittedly he’s not from 7th Group, but still.

conspiring? a few people colluding on their stories through impeachmrnt isn’t a conspircy. i’ll state my beliefs, you should stick to your own

Miller went in to A-stan in '01 with the horse soldiers.

Esper worked under the table to prevent the withdrawal of US personnel from A-stan.

Good trade.