Defense Esper is fired

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump terminated Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday, days after his election loss to Joe Biden and following a series of clashes between Esper and Trump over the withdrawal of U.S. forces from key bases abroad, using active-duty troops to quell domestic protests and banning Confederate emblems from military installations.

Fired on Twitter.

Hopefully esper will tell trump he voted for biden.


good, the secdef is there to impliment the presidents policies, not his own.

Was Esper deep state? Just curious.

Yeah that twelve year old who runs the personnel office is threatening to fire anyone who puts their resume out since they’re, y’know, about to lose their job.

This is an even dumber version of The Death of Stalin.


Better fire Wray next.

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what is it with you guys and your deep state ■■■■■■■■■ nowhere have i ever ascribed to any deep state conspiracy. i do believe there were anti trump people in government who through like minded zeal did things to harm his presidency, i do believe there was some level of collusion between a few of them abd congressional democrats setting up the impeachment hoax. mostly however, the actions were individual acts of sabotage (for lack of a better word) that like minded anti trumpers cheered and supported.

Ask trump.

You © frequently cite the Deep State as having thwarted Trump’s will. And by you © I mean supporters and media sympathetic to Trump in their entirety.

If you (meaning you alone) didn’t, kudos.

Trump is constantly talking about “deep state” people and conspiracies.

Frankly, I’d never heard the term “deep state” until Trump used it.

Perhaps Trump wants a guy in office who will be willing to order the military to arrest Biden et al so he can remain in office.

Normally, I’d say he’d never be stupid enough to try that - but then I look at his history. This is a president that truly has no respect for our method of government.

His name makes the thread title sound like Bahamut got kicked out of Final Fantasy.


Ok, with this reference, I like you a little bit more today, you stop that.

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how many more will he fire in the next 70+ days
im sure FBI director is among those on the chopping block.
what would be funny is if trump fires him and biden rehires him

William barr definitely has to go for not locking up biden for daring to run against trump…

So you dont say the deep state but believe forces have been conspiring against Trump. :rofl:

Lmao if Trump only hires the best how did so many not pass Trumps rigourous vetting process.

Should be unbelievable that be people are backing up Trump over Esper because Esper refused to have US troops attack citizen protesters. But this is what some want from a (GOP) President these days.

So The Donald is just going to take out his rage just like this for these last weeks, isn’t he? What a sad and pathetic way to go about life.

Barr needs to go, The Donald needs someone with the goofballs to Lock Her Up.

Those policies should not involve the military firing on protesters.

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