Defense contractor jobs program in danger

It must be dawning on Trump that his approach with NATO might not work out the way he intended…


Really? France is now at 1.82% of their GDP. I’d label that an improvement or would you rather use taxpayer money because it then goes to US companies? I’d rather the money stay in the hands of the people that generated it without government interference.

Trump showing those damn French not to mess with us. Russia and North Korea are cool, tho.

France at 1.82% would just about put it at par with the US.

Does France still have their own nukes?

Trump sends out a bunch of internet tough guy tweets after he leaves these meetings. Something tells me he doesn’t act so tough in person.

The issue with European defense spending is they tend to make their own equipment and not buy American surplus


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It seem Trump main issue isn’t European building their militarizes, but that they don’t buy American surplus.

A Republican once said to beware the military-industrial complex. Now the Republicans are the military-industrial complex