Defending our democracy

Election interference is all the rage for the far left. You know Trump is getting help from the Russians which undermines our democracy.

We need free and fair elections. Yet Bernie did not get a fair shot in 2016. Nor is he getting a fair shot in 2020. How do we blame Trump for this?

If Trump had not had the gall to beat Clinton, none of this would be happening!

What was “unfair” about the 2016 Democratic primary?

Bernie lost. He wasn’t cheated - more people voted for Clinton. That’s how elections work. I say this as a Bernie supporter.

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Why arent the republicans letting anybody go against trump?

maybe you should consider why the head of the DNC resigned after her fixing the primaries was discovered.

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it is putin not the Republicans, Putin needs a puppet.


Yeah, that didn’t happen. No primaries were “fixed”.

Bernie lost. Less people voted for him than did for Clinton. It’s really that simple.

how quickly you forget. But then again it was Trump and the Russians.

You’re not getting it. I don’t care that DWS stepped down, or who the party supported in back rooms.

Bernie lost. He got less votes, and won less states. Nothing was “fixed”, no cheating occured.


As another Bernie supporter, I fully agree. Clinton got millions more votes than Bernie.


Propaganda works. It will forever be baked in to some people’s belief. It won’t ever matter that Clinton won millions more primary votes or won more states.

And this is not even beginning to address the reality political parties can basically do whatever they want when it comes to whom they nominate to represent their party.


I don’t believe it can be denied though, that a major part of her getting those votes was the “inevitability” shield the super delegates provided. In a sense, that “fixed” the win by providing a seemingly insurmountable head start.

Mmmmm the Bernie was cheated narrative from trump supporters trying to create drama, it’s that time again.

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there are at least 2 i believe… their support hovers around 0

When all the red states refuse to let them on the ballot doesnt really help

they have to meet the criteria. just like dems have to to get in debates (unless they buy off the dnc).

So just like Trump now with all of those Primaries cancelled and not allowing the other candidates seeking the R nomination to even be allowed a vote or voice in a number of states? Let me guess, that’s not the same in your view.

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i mean, how could trump take PA without Putin’s help

Of course it can be “denied”, it’s just your feelings.

Clinton got 572.5 superdelegates. Sanders lost by a thousand delegates, and more than 3.5 million regular voters.

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Literally Harambe the gorilla.