Defamation Suit Against Fox by Dominion

A can of whoopaboutism.


Think there will be a DVMPNN, Inc. in the future?

(Dominion Voting Machine, Pillow, and News Network Corporation)


I’m curious to see how many people actually admit to be being grifted by Fox News? Some of these transcripts are wild.

I wanna hear more about Maria’s time traveling source.

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Yes. You’ve nutshelled the Russian collusion narrative. Now do the dominion one.


I’ve often heard conservative accusations are actually confessions.

That’s feefees.

We actually have receipts from the election fraud grift.

Nice try tho

So…lemme make sure I’ve got this right? Dominion had a machine in Antrim County Michigan that flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Since the county was small enough and this error represented over 25% of the county, whose voting history didn’t support the results, the mistake got caught. It was then blamed on a “clerk’s error”. So if a machine is able to be manipulated by a simple clerk, whether intentional or not, don’t tell me that all of the machines across the country were safe from this. That…doesn’t equate.

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Any more than ALL the machines were manipulated?


Just think - if Section 230 had been repealed like so many want, Dominion could have sued this very website, along with FOX and all the others.


What does any of this have to do with Fox News grifting on the election fraud claims?


Thanks Section 230 :rofl:


Malapropism? Intentional?

Either way, I like it! :+1:

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What does Dominion need with cheap, lumpy pillows?

Righties, are you the least bit mad or surprised about the fact that Fox News spread the Big Lie, knowing it was complete ■■■■■■■■ ?

That has already been demonstrated how all the left wing rags knowingly ran with the Russian collusion lies. Some of the (D)evotees still cling to it.

This latest bag of feed is an attempt at vindication.


This only strengthens their resolve, from both parties the one peddling the BS and the other gobbling it up.

Except they didn’t.

But of course it’s been some time since the last time you brought up Antrim and were smacked down…so of course you feel safe enough to bring it up yet again.

What is this…the fifth time? Sixth? Tenth?

I’m losing count.


And the usual zone flooding has begun…even on this thread.


Plus this story won’t even be reported on Fox/Newsmax/etc

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When this is over, it is likely to be the Dominion News Network, and rightfully so.