DEEP STATE UNMASKED: "You Should Give Increased Scrutiny" to Conservative Groups

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Investigative Journalism organization, Project Veritas, has released its fourth undercover video of their series, “Deep State Unmasked,” in which they feature two IRS officials.

The first official featured is tax examiner, Thomas Sheehy, who is also a member of the Austin, TX branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

When discussing the 2013 scandal involving the IRS targeting conservative groups, Sheehy says, “John Koskinen. He got a lot of flak for giving increased scrutiny to these Tea Party groups. Conservatives got really mad at him, he was so cool though because he deleted all the emails, so they could not hold any evidence against him.”

He continued, “Yeah, I don’t give a st if that is a crime for doing that because… you should give increased scrutiny to those groups because a lot of them are just f*ing fronts for the Koch brothers or whatever.”

Like other individuals featured in the recent Project Veritas videos, Sheehy also brags about using his taxpayer-funded job to work on projects for the Democratic Socialists of America.


“I will say, I just really like the benefits. I get a lot of paid time off and sick days. So, like, for DSA stuff, I can just honestly… I will just stay late for a period. So, I will just call in for the next day,” he said. “I mean, as long as like the manager doesn’t find out and you don’t explicitly say ‘hey I’m calling in sick to do Democratic Socialist of America work’ then I mean like yeah. You know…you just gotta like sort of manage…when and where you’re like doing the work you do.”

The national DSA website describes the group as the nation’s largest socialist organization which believes, “working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.”

The other IRS employee in the video D.C.-based attorney, Jerry Semasek, admitted multiple times that “mistakes were made” during the 2013 IRS scandal.

According to their press release, Project Veritas will release more undercover videos as part of this series. Founder, James O’Keefe said, “As our deep state investigation continues to unfold, four government agencies have responded resulting in the removal of two federal employees from their job duties.”