Deep state strikes again

They’re not even hiding it anymore. The federal judges association is calling for an emergency meeting following trump and barr interfering in the roger stone case. They are afraid of some of the judiciary’s independence being encroached on. The head judge an appointee of george bush. I’m glad some are speaking up.

I bet one of those judge’s name is…Newman!

This is pure BS, Barr made the recommendation a week or so prior to the tweet.

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If it is she should be forced to recuse herself from the case immediately.

Of course. Everybody is wrong but trump and barr. Only a thousand plus judges see through the ■■■■■■■■ .

Nothing wrong here. Just a meeting to discuss an important issue.

When was the last time something like this happened?

Lol…they being unfair so waaaa


I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Wow…how does nobody get this reference

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To be honest, I’m not sure I got the reference either.

But I’m curious about what “Judge Newman” needs to recuse herself from. She appears to be a judge on the Federal Circuit, according to Google.

There’s a male “Judge Newman” as well, on the 2nd Circuit - he’s the one who ruled against Trump on the financial records thing.

Needs to percolate a bit more…

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Seinfeld? I mean it’s the most famous Newman ever…

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Barr merely supervised his own Justice Department. He didn’t “interfere” in anything.
Its not really clear what this judges association is about.
The 2000 ex DOJ workers who wrote the letter calling for Barr’s resignation…I don’t remember voting for anyone in that group.

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Seinfeld was never my thing - my brother loved it, but I always found it kinda annoying. It was funny sometimes.

But I know Newman - he got eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic Park, after he conspired to steal the embryos. Right?

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I bet every one of them are democrats or never Trumper’s
In these times most everything is political, the left is obsessed. They will do & try anything.

Alot are from bush… more to the point they dont like the ethics around it because trump has none…

Currently there are 1,397 Article III Federal Judges, including active status, senior status and inactive senior status.

Over 1,000 of them requested that this meeting be held. That means a ******* lot of Republican appointed Judges must have made the request.


Have you heard of this “Federal Judges Association” before?

According to their website, they appear to have been founded only a few months ago.