DEEP STATE SPIES: Jason Chaffetz Says ‘DEEP STATE’ Sent Spies to ‘Embarrass’ Him | Sean Hannity

Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz slammed the “Deep State” during a fiery interview Tuesday morning, saying “operatives” were sent to undermine his tenure on the House Oversight Committee.

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Chaffetz is his own embarrassment.

Is he going to share any evidence of this happening or is it another baseless accusation?

This deep state stuff is ludicrous.

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Ludicrous is putting it mildly.

Of course if one writes a book “Deep State” to capitalize off the ludicrous it helps to go on Fox and Friends to promote the ludicrous conspiracy theory. You don’t need facts or evidence, you just need a comfy couch, Steve Doocy, Blonde du jour in the middle, and that other guy.

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I agree.
At this point it resembles UFO conspiracy theorists.An endless trail of people have come forward to say the government is keeping from us that they have recovered aliens and alien craft.No hard evidence is produced,witnesses are exposed as fantasists,yet a sizeable amount of people keep falling for it and making evermore elaborate theories to justify their beliefs

It’s the same thing we are seeing with this deep state nonsense and just like the crashed saucer conspiracy they seem to disregard the thousands of people who would have to be in on this conspiracy, it beggars belief to me.

Jason Chappedass is creepy

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