DEEP STATE IN DANGER: The Attorney General Vows to ‘Uncover’ Shady Origins of Russia-Trump Probe

Originally published at: DEEP STATE IN DANGER: The Attorney General Vows to ‘Uncover’ Shady Origins of Russia-Trump Probe | Sean Hannity

Attorney General William Barr pledged this week to “uncover” the true origins of the DOJ’s probe into allegations of Russia-Trump collusion; saying Americans will eventually know “exactly what happened” during the 2016 presidential election.

“In his first interview since becoming attorney general, Barr spoke to ‘America’s Newsroom’ host Bill Hemmer during a visit to El Salvador for meetings with law enforcement officials. In pointed terms, he fired back at Democrats who have castigated him over his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report — calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s charge that he lied to Congress ‘laughable’ and dismissing an attempt to hold him in contempt of Congress,” reports Fox News.

“That’s part of the usual … political circus that’s being played out. It doesn’t surprise me,” he said.

“The first step is to find out exactly what happened, and we’re trying to get our arms around that, getting all the relevant information from the various agencies and starting to talk to some of the people that have information,” Barr told Hemmer.

“I think there’s a misconception out there that we know a lot about what happened,” he said.

Barr’s comments come hours after the Attorney General met Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi face-to-face on Capitol Hill; jokingly asking the top Democrat if she “brought her handcuffs.”

“What is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States,” Pelosi told reporters earlier this month. “That’s a crime.”

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt last week after Barr refused to meet with Democrats to further discuss Robert Mueller’s “no collusion” final report.

“We will have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith,” Mr. Nadler said. “But the attorney general must make a choice. Every one of us must make the same choice. That choice is now an obligation of our office.”

“The choice is simple: We can stand up to this president in defense of the country and the Constitution we love, or we can let the moment pass us by,” he added.

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