"Deep State" about to be exposed?

"When FBI agents conduct investigations against alleged mobsters, suspected terrorists, other criminals, do you believe they’re engaging in spying when they’re following FBI investigative policies and procedures?"

"That’s not the term I would use," Wray said of “spying.” “So, I would say that’s a no to that question.” . . .

At another point, Wray was asked if he felt the federal government “spied into the 2016 presidential election,” and replied that he didn’t “think it would be right or appropriate” to share his thoughts and that he wanted to respect an ongoing investigation . . .

The use of the term “spying” sounds like a question of semantics. My feeling is if it walks like a duck . . .

Why does that catch your attention, but not the FBI director when he states he’s seen no evidence of political spying?

Yep. The media made way too much out of what Wray said…he indicated no basic disagreement with Barr at all.

Because the AG knows more about FBI spying than the FBI Director… duh!

That’s not a duck. That Wray more or less coming right out and saying it’s not a duck.

Bill in PA basically explained that, above.

Sure he did-he specifically refuted the context/connotation that there were sinister motives behind any surveillance that happened.

Trump is president-he can directly declassify/release the FISA stuff any time he wants, right?. What’s the hold up?

No. Just a matter of semantics with the term “spying”.


Yet that hasn’t stopped Trump supporters from screeching OBAMA SPIED ON TRUMP, SPYING SPYING! SEE, OBAMA SPIED, DEEP STATE! If there is no known nefarious intent, or no evidence that any surveillance was political or served to benefit Obama/Democrats, then it proves there is no deep state spying. Right?


If all of Barr’s reports come back saying that, then I will accept the results just as most Democrats have accepted that there was no collusion/conspiracy with Russia because the evidence of such could not be found.

these people fall for the Fox stuff but think the crooked guy from New York City isn’t crooked.

this might be Trump’s easiest con ever.


I’m still waiting for Beck to bring down Obama with his insider scoop!!

Fool me once…what do you call it when it’s fool me 1535 times??


I will bet that Trump said this before he even read it because he believed it was corrupt. Then he was told that it was correctly done.

Personally, I’d like to read the report whence that statement came, to better inform my opinion upon receipt. But I know that’s terribly unfashionable right now. None of the cool kids are doing it.

Why do they always miss the fact that the government was watching the Russians? Guess who got in the way?

Is this like Glenn Beck’s promised great reveal that could alter if not end the President Barack Hussein Obama Administration?

You all know, the great reveal we have been waiting for since April of 2013, over 6 years now.

Should we chalk this “Deep State” exposure up with Beck’s Administration crushing “Reveal” and the much anticipated “Whitey” tape?


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Great minds and all of that!


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MAGA :us:


Woo Hoo!


so when is the hillary going to be arrested.


Any day now…any day!