"Deep State" about to be exposed?

We are still waiting on Trump to de classify the FISA warrant

Would the same hold true for the left wing media?

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Trump only hires the best. Or are you calling into question Trump’s judgement?



Answer the question.

I did with another question.

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So Trump’s judgement can’t be trusted. We know. But that won’t stop his most loyal followers from defending him.


Strike 2. Try again. Focus. Stick to the topic and try not to derail.

Who put Comey in charge of the FBI?

Who put Lynch in the hangar in Arizona?

Not relevant. Wray said no political spying. Wray is Trump’s guy.

Ok, if you say so.

I didn’t say so. Trump’s pick for the head of the FBI said so. If he can’t he trusted, who can be?

Nobody in government, especially the FBI can be trusted. The FBI is in disarray.

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Has the federal judge who signed the warrants resigned or been “fired”?

You’ve got them now!

Mueller knows. We have Trump this time. Proof he conspired.

There is more smoke here that there ever was with the mythical Russian collusion/conspiracy. Still, we don’t know whether this was just the coming together of people of like opinions and biases without an out and out…shall we say “collusion”…or if there was someone in charge at the top. Its good to have the investigation to answer that question, though.
Ultimately, we may wind up with “we do not have sufficient evidence to say abuse of power occurred, neither can we exonerate the people involved”.
How will that be received?

My fear we end up with another report from Horowitz like his 435 pages of bias in FBI only to say there was no bias in their decisions making.

He pulled a Comey.

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Go kvetch about that to someone who has made such claims, and try answering my question.

How many times do pundits like Judge Jeanine have to cry wolf before you stop believing that a wolf is coming?

The answer is easy then. I don’t pay much attention to anything she says nor do I normally hear about it.

What does catch my attention is when the AG states that we still don’t know how all this Russian conspiracy theory started and that he is going to find out.