Deep South Freedom

I’m sure some are jumping up and down, repeatedly reciting the pledge of allegiance and celebrating individual freedom. The rest of us are disgusted.

A Mississippi wedding venue won’t allow gay or mixed couples to use their venue. No word on cousins.

Their property, their rules. If they feel mixed race marriages are against their religion then that’s for them to decide. Do mixed race couples really want to get married at a property where the owners feel their marriage is an abomination?

This is a clear violation of the Civil Rights act.
And most couples want to get married at a beautiful venue, and don’t think about the owner’s opinion of them.

If the owners want to be in business, then they are in business for everyone.


Sounds like the venue’s owner has some serious issues with repressing certain feelings…or is simply just a bigot.


Maybe they could just provide a separate chapel. Along with separate drinking fountains and restrooms for gays and mixed couples.


Is their cause just or should they just leave the owners alone? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t tell from your post.

Why can’t they go to a different venue? If I was to marry and someone said “no”, I would just tell them your lose and go somewhere else that will take my money. The funny thing is probably 1 out of 1000 places that do this.

People of different races who fall in love have no right to marry? Are you one of those who believe that “unequally yoked” verse in the Bible refers to people?

Have a nice day.


If it was an issue of Republican vs Democrats, or young kids vs adults, or something of that nature, they probably would.

But you have no idea what it feels like, the blow to the stomach, the coldness enveloping you, to be told by some bigot that you are in essence scum and not welcome in their facility because of who you love or the color of your skin.

They’ve decide they’re not going to stand for being treated like scum anymore.


Of course they do. They don’t have a right to marry on my property.


I do. Do you?

No blow. No coldness. Just money spent elsewhere. A lot of money.

O w n e r

There is no “debate”.

The left is shopping for bigots again. Gotta get that hive buzzing. Running out of time. :wink:


If people choose to be backwards, ignorant bigots and run their businesses in accordance with that bigotry, I’m inclined to think it’s better they let their freak flag fly so the rest of us can dismiss them and take our business elsewhere.


Yep. Push back and put the focus on to the actual scum

No shopping needed with how proudly a part of the country proclaims their bigotry

Clearly violates the CRA.

The law has gotta come down on this harder than an orbital laser.

They don’t have the freedom to refuse mixed couples because of race. And they’re gonna have to learn to deal with it, or face consequences.

What “cause” would that be? Loving someone who is a slightly different shade than you are?

How about political affiliation? Why are people so mad at Facebook or Google? Are they not the owners? Should we he able to get rid of people for bumper stickers?