Decoupling From China Already in Motion

Companies are leaving China. Between the tariffs and now Coronavirus, China has become an undesirable country to do business with. Companies are and have been looking for alternative sources for manufacturing, even finding possibilities in the US with lower taxes and lessened regulations. Mexico is also becoming a more attractive country for sourcing goods.

I do hope we can move a majority of manufacturing to North America for national security reasons and to beat back the devil that is China.


Well, well. What do you know.

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Does that include companies associated with Trump?

Not decoupling fast enough IMO.

Either way libs will accuse Trump of being xenophobia…it’s how they roll.


I would strongly suggest before cutting away from China completely, the United States ramp up for production of Rare Earth Metals, a move that will require the relaxation of some environmental laws in order to keep environmentalists from ******* up the United States ability to be independent of China by filing endless lawsuits against Rare Earth Metal mining.

Might also want to repeal the Jones Act.


Also, this won’t effect supply chains that are independent of the United States. For example, China to southeast Asia and vice versa.

My own company is invested in China, but in a relatively minor way, mostly feed mills and other agriculture related services, most of which begin and end in China. The supply chains do not cross the Chinese border.

We have nothing that kicks back from China to the United States.

Our ocean transport division does, of course, ship both ways between the United States and China, but 100% for third party companies.

I’m not fan of China, but they are a powerful nuclear nation led by a dishonorable regime… seems better for relations and national security to keep them as a trade partner, no?

Boom for Alaska?

No. ■■■■ China.

It is beyond delusional to think that countries are going to refuse to trade with China because the USA wants it to happen.

Wasn’t the tone with Russia who has a bigger nuclear arsenal and didn’t unleash and cover up a plague across the globe causing death and a possible global economic depression. We really could be seeing the end of the EU because of this.

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As bad as this outbreak is, it is providing us the biggest opportunity to reshape the world to come since WWII.

Bring all of our critical manufacturing back to the US.

Offer the rest of the Hemisphere an economic compact and move every bit of the rest out of China to North, Central, and South America.

Imagine how many problems we’d eliminate by having a US/Canadian level of economic prosperity from the Arctic to the Antarctic Ocean?

■■■■ China, bring it home!

Such an Economic Alliance of The Americas would be the strongest force on earth. No country or collection of countries could even begin to match us economically for centuries.

You better worry about Australia. IMHO…your reliance is going to severely bite you.


Do you think they’d continue stealing our technology? Could that one day be used against us militarily? Would they be stronger or weaker if the US tamped down our economic relations?

We did not go into a recession during the GFC; what happened to the USA during the GFC?

I want nothing but the best for my Australian friends…but one of my gifts is in looking ahead with some accuracy and I don’t like what I see down the road for Australia in this relationship with China. If nothing else, the lack of diversity in trade with other countries should be a wake up call IMO?

If true…this truly is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Do you think that we only trade with China?

I am sure Italy and Spain will be eager to open up trade and travel barriers more.

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Make xenophobia cool again.