December Trade Deficit

Woohoo, largest trade deficit in over 10 years! Don’t worry though, trade wars are easy to win.

Expect the GDP revision for 2018 and 2018Q4 come March 26 to be a bit lower.

All this winning

Oh boy… this will be an amazing thread.

Excuses are:
Feds raising interest rates
Dems took House, America is reacting by it
Nancy Pelosi
Caravans of illegals



China always responds to the threat to its global hegemony posed by the Orospect of Nancy Pelosi becoming speaker by increasing their exports to the United States.

I totally forgot about China.

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Lol…i love how the right has destroyed any moral or financial argument theyve ever used

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Highest level since 2008.

Worst annual since 2008? Not that there’s anything inherently bad about trade deficits, but after all the caterwaulin’ from the Trumpists, this thread is going to need some sort of aggressive response.

It used to be that an increase in gun threads was the preferred indicated palliative for news like this, but that tactic seems to have become quaint.

I’m guessing a combination of AOC and Clinton threads.

Obviously Hillary is responsible for this.

This wouldn’t even be a thing if that moron in the White House didn’t make it a thing, solely because he is a ■■■■■■■ moron and doesn’t know anything about anything,

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Are no Trump supports in this thread because they are too busy celebrating all the winning?


Most likely.

So the President is finally addressing this issue, head on and by the looks of December…none to soon. So what are libs saying about this effort? Just read this thread for the typical answer. My gosh people…where is your head at? Do you really put your hate of Trump over the love of your country?

These things take time.

He’s addressing it the wrong way. Trade wars are not the answer. What he is doing isn’t working and it’s actually harming Americans.


I swear I hadn’t read your post yet when I added in the “these things take time” as a likely excuse we would hear.

Too damn funny!

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It’s like the quintessential Republican economic strategy: “Just needs more time!”

We see it with cutting regulations, supply-side economics, trade wars, etc. There’s no evidence to back up their claims (actually, quit a bit of contrary evidence), but each time it’s as if they keep saying, “Hold on, it’ll work” until people forget about it and they try the same thing the next time they get in power.

Meanwhile, the wealth and income gap continue to widen due to their policies.

The issue he made worse?