DEBBIE’S DISASTER: Trump Says DOJ Must Not Let Schultz ‘OFF THE HOOK’

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President Trump slammed Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her shady IT staffer Thursday, saying the Department of Justice shouldn’t let them “get off the hook” by making plea deals surrounding her missing server.

The President unloaded on Schultz and her former aide Imran Awan on social media, calling the scandal the “key to much of the corruption” we see throughout the federal government on a daily basis.

“Our Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. The Democrat I.T. scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a ‘plea deal’ to hide what is on their Server. Where is Server? Really bad!” Trump tweeted.

The President’s comments come hours after Fox News reported that Awan was seeking a plea deal with the DOJ; sparking speculation he was prepared to “flip” on his former boss regarding the widening scandal.