DEBBIE GOESS OFF: Wasserman Schultz Compares Trump with MADURO Over Border Wall Funding | Sean Hannity

Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz slammed President Trump’s possible use of the military to construct his long-promised border wall Monday; directly comparing the Commander-in-Chief with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

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Hey, Debbie -

Imran Awan. That should end your talking about your President.

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I’ll be volunteering at my local Republican election office to get rid of liberals like Debbie.

This woman is actually telling us what is illegal? The hypocracy astounds me!

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Here is the joke; basically a total criminal, anti-american, use my position for profit, and really a traitor, trying to speak to us about anything. The only people she has the right to speak at is the firing squad! I say we strap a parachute to their asses, throw them aboard a C130, and launch them out over the socialist/ fascist countries, they so long to destroy our democractic republic into… TRAITOR B

How is she not in prison for her previous actions? I haven’t heard anything about that or her being investigated for having the Arwan family for her I.T. people when they didn’t do anything but steal government documents and she still kept him on after being fired by many other democrats. I thought Alice in Wonderland was fiction till lately when all the violations of laws are being ignored.