Debate moderators announced

Chris Wallace seems to be a solid choice, don’t know anything about two of the others.

Scully was a Biden intern.

If there has to be a woman, Welker seems like a decent choice. Harvard history with honors.

Dang, seems like a conflict.

Naw, it’ll be fine.

It was forty years ago. He’s been in journalism/news for 38 years. I think he’ll be fine.


He could be harboring some old resentments. Maybe Biden sniffed his hair too much or treated him like an errand boy sending him out for ice cream. Or used to slap him on the ass.

I think that’s what I just said. I’m sure you’d say the same think if it was a former Trump intern.

Probably just a coincidence anyway.

Hard to find a Trump intern who has an accomplished journalism career spanning four decades. Show me one and I’d probably be fine with it.

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Why are you being so defensive?

Biden I think learned his lesson after sniffing the asian kids hair.

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I was really hoping Megyn Kelly would moderate one.

Oh, well - we can’t always get what we want. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Oh geeze, I forgot about that. :nauseated_face:

I’d love to see Mark Levin as a moderator. Hate his voice but he is brilliant.


Scully is on C Span, he is known as being the “Most patient man on television” when he talks to viewers.

Jon Oliver loves the guy and made a few videos about him…


Emily Compagno.

'Cause she’s purty.

That’s 2 strikes against. Jon Oliver is a ■■■■■■■ idiot.

Some of his stuff is okay, he goes in depth on some pretty heady topics and does a decent job. Definitely a flamethrower for the Left, but I like his stuff on prisons, the justice system and such. He isn’t afraid to throw punches at the Left, either.

Matter of taste, I suppose.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


He’s definitely a never Trumper. But he’ll do. I thought they should have three moderators. One chosen by the network and one chosen by each candidate.

What kind of history? American, European, Ancient, “revisionist”?