Death Penalty - The Right to Choose?

All the more reason for the firing squad to always be stocked with volunteers! :smiley:

A murderer has the right to a fair trial, then a fair execution.

He has no right to choose his punishment.

There is also the matter of false confessions just because the person is whacked in the head. I haven’t read very far yet, so I don’t suppose I’m first to mention it.

I wouldn’t care if they got to choose the method once convicted though.

As long as the choices were firing squad or gallows. I expect nitrogen gas will be the preferred method though once it goes through all the checks etc.

I never thought of nitrogen. Simplistic and peaceful, I like it!

Not really, they would slowly choke to death. CO2 would I think be kinder.

NOS then. You would suffocate after passing out from the best high of your life. Also the last.

They have already ruled that executing a 17 year old is cruel and unusual punishment. Doubtful they would revisit that in our lifetimes.

NOS + CO2 after you pass out would be very effective.

You don’t choke on nitrogen.

You would slowly suffocate starving for oxygen. That would be a prolonged and rather unpleasant death. The witnesses would be appalled.

Meant to say NO2 earlier, not NOS. I’ve already had enough friends suffer heart attacks from that crap… lol

Your body gets that reaction from CO2 but not from nitrogen. You simply lose consciousness

Incorrect. Most people who die from CO2 simply die in their sleep without ever knowing they are in trouble.

If you put a high enough percentage of any unbreathable gas in a chamber with a person even if totally inert like Helium you’re going to get a similar reaction and it won’t be pleasant.

I think 6’s NOS Idea is a good one, put them to sleep and then just raise the CO2 level high enough they expire peacefully.

I’ll never understand conservative support of the death penalty, given their otherwise universal distrust and contempt of government.

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There are accidental deaths from nitrogen leaks fairly often in the grand scheme of things and the victims never know what hit them…

Trial by jury

My guess before all the school shooting. My hope would be to revisit it and overturn with what’s going on. Shoot up a school, your life with end one way or another. In prison for life, or death penalty.

That would be due to the fact it is odorless and colorless. Anoxia has obvious symptoms.

According to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, in humans, “breathing an oxygen deficient atmosphere can have serious and immediate effects, including unconsciousness after only one or two breaths. The exposed person has no warning and cannot sense that the oxygen level is too low.” In the US, at least 80 people died due to accidental nitrogen asphyxiation between 1992 and 2002.[3] Hazards with inert gases and the risks of asphyxiation are well established.[4]