Death Panels - Aetna to pay $25.5M for denying coverage

Thought I would post this for the “death panel” crowd…

Jury delivers $25.5 million ‘statement’ to Aetna to change its ways

The verdict is some consolation, but the patient is still dead…

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Here’s the dead woman/wife who was just a line item on a ledger. Kinda sad that her husband was a firefighter and they never even realized that a company’s profit was the real danger to their family.


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But freedom!!! (Am I doing this right?)

Her husband was a firefighter in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995… He spent next day removing the remains of children from the 2nd floor day care center of the Murrah Federal Building…

Whom amongst us doesn’t love to be beholden to the whims of health insurance companies no matter what our condition.

We love it. It’s great.

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This is the insurance system the Republicans love. This woman’s death means nothing to them as long as Aetna keeps turning a profit.

Got to think of the shareholders.

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Don’t you worry Aetna, Fat Daddy Donald has your back!

Aetna (NYSE:AET) projected Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul will increase the company’s gross 2018 adjusted earnings by about $800 million.

Some punishment…$25.5 million in a year the President gives them an $800 million windfall!

MAGA :us:

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Profits above People = MAGA :us:


Don’t worry, it probably be overturned on appeal.


Yeah, that came to mind. Aetna can certainly afford the litigation of an appeal.


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Cunningham had another encounter in court. He said Shely, Aetna’s lead attorney, walked up to him and congratulated him after the verdict before telling him he’d lose on appeals.

Aetna is pretty much the only private insurer that denies claims nearly as frequently as Medicare…

Maybe it’s time to support Universal Healthcare.

Maybe our health shouldn’t depend on the policies of a bunch of Health Care companies who depend on our own suffering for them to make a profit.

Did you miss the part about medicare having the highest denial of claim rates? If I was insured by Aetna, I would change insurers, where can I go if the denial of claim rate it too high with single payer?

If healthcare is universal there is no denial.

The goal is to not have health insurance companies who decide whether or not to cover your bills or not.

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As a side note most workers don’t have that option. I can’t really choose what healthcare I want financially speaking.I’m stuck with Anthem because that is literally the only option provided to me.

Why does medicare deny claims and why do you think single payer would be any different?

Are you under the impression that the healthcare for all movement would accept a situation where healthcare would be denied?

Healthcare for everyone is a moral position.

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