Dear Illegal Immigrants.....We're(Americans) Sorry

Dear Illegal Immigrants,

We’re sorry as Americans, if we haven’t given you(Illegal Immigrants) enough “FREE” money. I know Americans don’t deserve it, and should just pay “more” Taxes, so you(illegal immigrants) can have more Free things such as Free Welfare/Social Security, Free Food Stamps(FFS), and Free Obamacare/Healthcare. All paid for by us, the American people.

We’re(Americans) sorry for the whole problem at the border, with our(American) border agents, and Trump trying to build a wall.

“Please”! Everyone from every nation(throughout the whole World!), even our enemies, and even terrorists, feel FREE to come to America, so Americans can support you(illegal immigrants). All nations around the world should have open borders, so we all can enjoy Socialism and Anarchy.

If you(everyone in America) don’t agree with this, then you’re not “Politically Incorrect”, and you’re discriminatory in some way, and probably a Racist, or an Anti-Semite.

Is there anything else that Americans can give to you FREELY? Just ask, and the Democrat Politicians will make sure that they forcefully take it away from the American people, so you can have it. Or they can always just continue to raise “taxes”, so they can give you more of Americans MONEY!


Brilliant! Dems are in charge of it all no doubt. Its not like we have a republican president or congress for the last few years… damn Dems

You know … there might be a middle ground here. Taking a ridiculous tone like the OP helps and solves nothing.


Democrat Politicians are the ones who want open borders.

They fund their Sanctuary Cities, through the taxpayers money, most of which even the Democrat voters don’t agree with Sanctuary cities. Sanctuary Cities help protect Illegal immigrants. Even the criminal ones like drug lords and murderers.

By law, a refugee is suppose to seek refuge in the first country that they go to that they would be safe in. All of the current refugees, should be stopping in Mexico, but aren’t because they know and have heard that America’s courts are so backed up, that they realize and know, that as long as they make it here, that it will be catch and release, and they won’t show up for their court date. The Liberal Politicians know that a flooded court system allows things like this, and that is why they flood this country with illegals and refugees, so they can get their vote.

Then if those illegals or refugees have children here, on a technicality(that they made up), then their child is an American citizen. That’s millions upon millions of votes for Democrat Politicians.

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But raising taxes solves everything! Just like the Liberal Socialist Democrat (LSD) Politicians are doing, in their Liberal states, and they’re doing it so they can push their Socialist Agenda, and steal the American taxpayers, hard earned money!

I doubt there are any illegal aliens reading the Hannity message board.

No, they’re too busy working.


Only give them half of the stuff for free?

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Or signing up for some form of US dole.

Absolutely false… if you are going to debate the subject, at least learn what the law actually says

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Why do that when it’s much easier and more fun to spew right wing talking points?

It’s possible. The Illegals would more than likely be Democrat voters, trying to voice their feelings about wanting open borders, so they could bring more family members to America, to get taken care of by the American people.

Hey! It’s a pretty sweet deal! FREE FREE FREE!

Who doesn’t want everything for free, and to be taken care of financially?

No not really.

Working here illegally. Maybe that is why Democrat Politicians want to make minimum wage 15 dollars? They need to help support their illegal voters.

Hopefully nothing free at all! But half would still allow the American tax payers to keep more of their hard earned money, and not get cheated by the Democrat Politicians.

If they are working here illegally, how are they subject to the minimum wage?

Furthermore, if they are here working, how is it they are just here for the free cheese?

With all of the Political Correctness alone, and people/companies being afraid of political correctness, that is a really non-viable question.

How many businesses are going to not hire someone in today’s society if they don’t have their ID, in fear of being labelled a racist, or an anti-Semite, especially in heavily populated areas where illegals flood into the country, and the companies are use to hiring those people on a regular basis.

It’s being reported that 50 percent of illegals recieve some form of government assistance.

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Dear Illegal Immigrants,

We’re sorry, as Americans, that you are going through this. You see, your ancestors have been in North America for Millenia, but most of us just moved here a few hundred years ago. The first thing we did is wipe out the folks who lived here and took a bunch of land that didn’t belong to us. Next we fought a few wars and went sea to shining sea, taking huge amounts of land from Mexico.

We call that California and Texas now!

Granted that was their best land but that is why we wanted it!

Next, we decided drugs were bad and outlawed them. Now, we know that doing so creates a black market, but it also creates lots of prisoners and prisons, where people can get jobs! Plus when we arrest someone they can’t vote, which is awesome since folks who do drugs are the same folks that don’t vote the way we want them to.

Unfortunately that meant there was a big market for drugs and your little islands and Mexico were the perfect places to grow them. Soon nasty guys formed cartels who set about destroying your home, enslaving your boys, raping your girls and killing thousands upon thousands of people. They bought out the police and the courts so there is no where for you to go.

And that is the real truth, there is nowhere for you to go. Because we don’t want you! True, you were here way before we were, our ancestors were European. But we pretend that we have always been here and it works great!

So, sorry we have made your homes inhospitable and your lives a living terror! Not that we are going to do anything about it except try to build a wall to keep you out and set up nice little concentration camps for your kids! Make sure you pack some soap for the kiddies, we are fresh out!