Dear Conservatives, do NOT praise Kanye West

He’s an awful representative.

The man is showboat. When Taylor Swift won a VMA, he went onstage and protested her victory BEFORE she received her trophy.

Recently, he said we should eliminate the 13th amendment and “slavery was a choice”.

This man makes conservatives look bad. But then again, Trump being President makes conservatives look bad as well, so perhaps he’s a perfect representative: crazy.

He’s just like Dumpster Donnie. Media whore, reality TV huckster, know-nothing, big-mouthed conman. Trumpletons will adore him. Slap a redhat on an idiot and you have a new hero.


Trumpsters are just like Trump. Their only calculus is if Trump likes it, they do too. It Trump doesn’t, then they don’t.

Trumpster logic:

Black athlete criticizes Trump: “this uppity guy should be thankful he’s a millionaire and just shut up and dribble and stay the hell out of politics!!!”

Black musician praises Trump: “This man obviously should be heard and respected for his views and anyone criticizing him clearly doesn’t support free speech!!”

They elected Trump

Who’s actually praising him other than to acknowledge he has chose to go against what some call “the norm” and in return gets called out for putting on a “minstrel show” and called a token negro?

Is he an upright Christian representative of purity? No. But who is?

I’ll give him credit for at least taking the heat for going against what is expected of him based on nothing but the color of his skin, but I’m certainly not going to praise him for it nor consider him a representation of an average voter. I don’t even know how serious he is in all this anyway. :neutral_face:


I’m not a fan of him, but I do defend his right to speak out.


He’s your guy.

Kanye is the perfect spokesman for Trump Nation.


Embrace Kanye, he embodies the values of the new Trump era!

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Besides, he’s one guy that actually makes Trump look sane.

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He really is. He loves the Confederate flag.

“The Confederate flag represented slavery in a way. That’s my abstract take on what I know about it, right? So I wrote the song, ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now. Now what you gonna do?” As if that wasn’t enough, he added later, “the Confederate flag is colorless also. It’s super-‘hood and super-white-boy-approved at the same time.” – Kanye West.

Slavery is a choice. If you aren’t enslaving your enemies, you’re not being a real American.

There are really only two things you can do to your enemy; three things if you consider defeat an option. You can kill your enemy, or you can enslave your enemy. In American we either lock bad people up, or we kill them. Kanye knows this. Laws against slavery are basically the same as laws encouraging us to kill people. Anyone who isn’t loyal to the Trump should be stripped of their Constitutional protections, and be given to anyone willing to break them into conformity.

Have you watched the Fox News channel lately?

They love them Kanye West. It doesn’t matter that the man is completely insane and essentially wants to rip apart a major GOP achievement.

No, I have not. However my point still stands. I give him credit for saying what he is saying no matter what people think of him. That is free speech. The crazy people get to talk too.


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So repealing the 13th amendment is a good thing? That’s what he’s mumbling about, and you’re giving him a pat on the back for it. Good grief.

If it’ll help Republicans get elected, then absolutely. Democrats need to be kept far away from power by all means necessary.

Good grief yourself. I said I approve of him saying what he did regardless of the crap he was going to receive from dems for doing so. Even crazy gets free speech rights.

I NEVER once said I agreed with what he said.

Jesus, people can’t read anymore.

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I give Kanye West no credit. He’s a clown and he isn’t sane enough or smart enough to be praised for having either a negative or a positive opinion of Donald Trump’s presidency or any other matter in politics.

I don’t recall that being the conservative commentary on Common or Sharpton or others who spent time in Obama’s WH. And for the record, I thought Obama did himself a disservice by having guys like that visit. And I said so when they’d visit.

Mighty big difference in reactions.

Nobody is talking about revoking West’s free speech rights. My point here is that West deserves no praise at all. Again, no credit for saying idiotic things. Making the GOP look completely insane and regressive is not something which should be praised.

Does Alex Jones deserve credit now?

So again, you approve of him saying we should repeal the 13th amendment?

Help me understand what is so praiseworthy about West.

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