Deadpool 2 review

Caught this yesterday. If you saw the original, you know what you’re getting here - humor, profanity, and violence. If you are unaware of this character’s MO, I’ll warn you now - do NOT take your children to this.

That said, this is one of those rare sequels that surpasses the original. If you liked the first movie, you will most certainly enjoy this. If you are a Deadpool fan this is a must see. Good action and humor throughout, with two or three laugh out loud moments.

It was good but I didn’t like it as well as the original. Maybe its because the first was so surprisingly fresh and good in its raunchiness, hyper cartoon violence, and meta jokes and this one just felt same-ish. I definitely enjoyed it and I laughed at a lot of the jokes, it just didn’t have the wow factor of the first.

I saw Deadpool 2 today, and it was a great film. It might not have the same WOW factor as the first one, but it still a entertaining and awesome film. I also enjoyed the mid-credits sequence.

Ryan Reynolds once again kicked ass as Deadpool. I can’t wait for Deadpool 3.

I enjoyed this film and recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an A-.


There’s gonna be a X-Force movie before Deadpoll 3.

I agree that DP2 is a better film than the original. That said, I enjoyed the first one more - the original had only one laugh-out-loud, side-splitting moment, but that moment lasted 108 minutes. DP2 only rarely hit those waaaay over-the-top peaks of “did they really just do that?!?” which characterized Deadpool and made it so much fun.

im seeing it tonight

Both were great. 2 had a little more lull than 1, I think. But still… Wham!

I thought it was a good movie as well. I have to laugh about the part about kids, because my nephews were trying to convince my sister that it was a good movie for kids one day when I was over at their house. I was like - “ummm - no, I’ve seen the movie and it is most definitely NOT a good kid show.”

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