DE BLASIO’S NYC: NYPD to Stop Arresting Students for ‘Low-Level’ Crimes in Public Schools

Originally published at: DE BLASIO’S NYC: NYPD to Stop Arresting Students for ‘Low-Level’ Crimes in Public Schools | Sean Hannity

Police across New York City will cease arresting students in public schools for “low level crimes” such as smoking marijuana, consuming alcohol, or vandalism as part of the De Blasio administration’s “sweeping change” for NYPD policy.

“Police will stop arresting or summonsing Big Apple students ‘whenever possible’ for a host of crimes — such as boozing, smoking pot and vandalism — in city schools, as part of a sweeping change to NYPD policy set to be announced Thursday, according to a report,” reports the New York Post.

“Rowdy pupils will also skate on spitting, harassment, trespassing and other ‘low-level offenses’ as long as school administrators can ‘safely’ handle the incidents,” adds the newspaper.

“The welfare of these students should be the city’s top priority,” said Maria Henderson, a spokeswoman for City Council Education Committee Chair Mark Treyger. “We should be focused on supporting them and not punitive disciplinary measures.”

NYPD won't arrest students for low-level offenses in schools

— New York Post (@nypost) June 20, 2019

The nation’s largest city is also poised to become the first place in America that provides public funding for abortions.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, both Democrats, announced a budget agreement Friday, set to be voted on this week, that would allocate $250,000 to the New York Abortion Access Fund, which called it ‘extremely good news’ amid other states passing anti-abortion laws,” reports Fox News.

A third of the woman using the Access Fund come from outside the city.

“This initiative not only makes New York the first city in the nation to directly fund abortion services, but also lets any American who is facing increasing abortion restrictions in their home state know that they can come and get the services they need in the five boroughs,” Democratic Councilwoman Carlina Rivera of Manhattan said in a statement. “This fund is just another signal, another example of how New York State and New York City has to be that leader on this issue.”

“Now the abortion capital of the world NYC may actually use city taxpayer monies for an enticement fund to come terminate your children,” fired-back pro-life organization New York State Right to Life.

Why do you people always collapse multiple stories under one headline?