DAY OF RECKONING: Rosenstein to Appear Before House GOP Over ‘Wire’ Report | Sean Hannity

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is set to meet with House GOP members in a “week or two” to discuss an explosive report that claims he was willing to “secretly record” President Trump to remove him from office.

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Rosenstein to appear before council of witch hunters on a hunt.

Woo Hoo!

Rosenstein claims that he was just joking around when he made those comments. History is full of actions that were taken by subordinates when a suggestion was made by a boss. You NEVER joke about doing something especially when it only takes one person to take you seriously.

What would happen to me if at an airport I say in fun “Bomb”! He should resign!

You’d be taken into custody!! Happened to me @ the Van Nuys Airport LA back in '92… I saw a friend who’s name was jack, I said out loud from across the boarding terminal , “Hi Jack”, Jack, Jack Hanna, of the cartoon fame “Hanna Productions” was boarding a plane to Dallas/Fortworth the “X” now & I were going north… 10 seconds later several security were in front of us…we were detained for over 2 hrs missed the flight and had to catch the next one… !!! I DID’T SPEAK TO A !!!■■■■■■■!!! soul for the next 4 hours until we reached our destination, and all the time my middle fingers were in the “AIR”!! Haven’t flown since…