DAY OF RECKONING: Republicans Ask Rosenstein for Names of ‘EVERYONE’ on Mueller’s Team | Sean Hannity

At least nine GOP lawmakers asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to hand over the names of “everyone” working on Robert Mueller’s probe Monday, saying they were “disturbed” over the Democrat-packed investigation.

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Another day of Republican meddling in a legitimate probe of potential wrong doing in our election processes.

If the Republicans wanted to do something useful for all of America they would quit trying to sabotage the Mueller probe.

But doing something useful for all Americans is the farthest thing from their purpose.

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Mueller is a classy fellow. I believe he will show the collusion that the country has been waiting to see! (Hillary, the Uranium included, and OBAMA!)


Right wing fantasy time again.

I don’t see how any charge can be prosecuted now.
On another subject. Why not locate Judges in our embassies and immediately return the illegals, children and all back to their home country to wait for the local judge to hear their case.

Congress could also eliminate the opportunity for asylum for select countries. The current rules were not designed for asylum but to get as many people in as possible.

It’s funny to watch how you ignorant liberals develop over time and how the use of fake news impacts your usage of words and logic. Not actual logic, but what you view as logic is simply astounding. They will research this in later years to learn how it is they manipulated so many people in the greatest country that ever existed.

“Another day of Republican meddling” : Implies Republicans meddle constantly in things that don’t deserve to be looked at. False. Irony is the amount of meddling the people you support do against our constitution.

"Legitimate probe" : Fair enough, if the allegation has points or reasoning behind why it could be potentially true. However, it was proven false. Also have several individuals who came out and admitted lying about the whole process. Also have the guy who led the FBI stating he will try to stop Trump at the same time the FBI begins to try this angle. While ALSO having a guy who worked with the FBI admitting to lying about it all.

“If Republicans wanted to do something useful” : This has been the most effective presidency and string of years America has had in years among every important front and world issue facing Americans and the world.

“Quit trying to sabotage” : By exposing people in the process who have bias and are now guilty of lying and producing false information? Where is your brain, sir?

“But doing something useful for Americans is the farthest thing from their purpose.” : I’m sorry the candidate that promised you your individual validation for whatever your bias was going in to the last election that would have helped your personal sense of identity. You and everyone like you are creations of a government that wants to destroy America, but most importantly keep their henchmen in powerful places to profit from greed and benefit their own agenda. Republicans are the only force that want anything good for America and Trump is the leader who is making that happen.

It’s almost like someone from CNN sits back and waits for content to come out to post stupid stuff like this on top of comment section. I just thought I’d do any readers of this blog and comment section some logical justice. YES, there are still Americans like me out here and NO we don’t believe any of this bullcrap people put online.

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Again, all proven criminals and enemies of the will of Americans. Americans need justice for what these criminals did and will continue to try to do.

Charges could be better prosecuted now if Congress would finally act to address the LONG STANDING shortages of immigration judges and immigration judicial workers. In fact at one point even Fat Donald recognized that problem with our immigration system and had proposed mass hiring.

Judges in our embassies makes no sense. They would not be able to do anything about illegals here.

Congress could do lots of things to help alleviate immigration issues. Unfortunately it is not in the best interests, politically with their base, for the party in control of Congress and the White House to do any work that would really fix anything.

What evidence do you present that current asylum laws were only designed to allow as many people in as possible?

That would certainly be news to all the thousands of people denied asylum.

the inmates are the ones inspecting—inspecting–the asylum ??? what could go wrong? AND AND AND 2 years to use PMA----Protect My Ass.

I wonder if Republicans will insist that Republicans working on the investigation be removed in the interest of fairness.

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That’s a pretty ignorant statement, Doloop. I guess you don’t realize that the committee investigating this is ALL DEMS and supposed to have some from each party. If it were all Republicans, then you would have a problem as well. It is biased to have all of one party doing the investigation as you see Mueller has done here.

Ignorant? IGNORANT?

The guy who appointed Mueller is a Republican appointed by a Republican President. Mueller himself is a lifelong Republican.

It is not a “committee.” And you have absolutely zero evidence that is composed entirely of Democrats. If you do have evidence that the Special Counsel’s office is composed entirely of Democrats, I’d love to see it.

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Thank you!

I didn’t have the energy to engage with those who perpetually choose to live in willful ignorance instead of a fact based reality. I enjoyed reading your words as they succinctly broke out point by point each ignorant statement. I appreciate your effort - thanks again - as my Mother would say, “You have the patience of Job.”

I’m VERY happy with our President Trump. I didn’t care for Obama, but I NEVER wished for his failure. It blows my mind that there are people - Americans - that are hoping for President Trump to fail because they didn’t vote for him. It never seems to occur to them that if America fails we ALL fail. On second thought - no TRUE American would hope for our failure - only traitors would do that.

Great news. I suspect it will come out even Rosenstein and Mueller are tainted by connections to Uranium One and the Clinton Global Initiative. A few of Muellers attorneys worked for the “charity” and no doubt this entire “investigation” had more than the objective of destroying Trump, they are also covering up for themselves and the Establishment.

Bet we’ll find Ryan and McConnell somewhere in the mix.

Its legit we worry how leftist derangement will manifest itself when their reality is completely destroyed. They already attack our children in public places, call for pedophiles to kidnap them.

What’s next. I hope we continue to restrain ourselves.

Not Republicans, DemoRepublican Establishment swamp creatures.

The evidence they are one party is everywhere. On camera they seem partisan, off camera the’re all buddies, fellow piglets in the feeding trough:


Sorry. There is no way you can destroy my reality, participate in it, some, destroy it, no.

“They” attack your children in public places?

Who is this “they”?

One idiot, Peter Fonda, made the sick call for pedophiles to have access to a locked up Baron Trump.


There was no “they” involved in that disgusting tweet.

Further, he realized what a wrong move it was and removed it and apologized.

I guess modern day “Born Again Christian’s” no longer hold to that good old Conservative Jesus belief in forgiveness.

Or perhaps today’s Born again Christian’s only have forgiveness for Republicans and Trumpettes?

The House Intel Committee showed us what an investigation is like when only one party is involved. Yet, I doubt you saw any problem with that.

Oh god, the irony!