DAY OF RECKONING: House Committee Subpoenas Comey, Lynch over Botched Hillary Probe | Sean Hannity

Outgoing Rep. Trey Gowdy unloaded on former FBI chief James Comey Monday; blasting the disgraced bureau boss over his demands for a “public hearing” regarding his botched investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

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It looks like Trey Gowdy is going out like a lion rather than skating along like so many do. With his history in the legal system in his home state, I would really like to see him as either the next FBI director or Attorney General.

I will believe it when I see it. I watched ALL Congressional investigations from Benghazi up until today. The guilty dogs have howled, the mountain of evidence against them is there, all we need is to rid our agencies at the top of the deep state and until we do, I won’t hold my breath on ANY prosecutions.

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What’s the point? 2 years and zero results.

Too many Demon Rats ran as Republicans and we the people were either too stupid or TOO lazy to know their back grounds before they voted. Flake and many others are good examples.


A lot of talk and nothing is going to get done.

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No House Committee is going to investigate the Clinton’s or any wrongdoing involving Democrat supporters come January 2, that’s for sure. If Gowdy can get anything out of Comey or Lynch before then, more power to him.