DAY OF RECKONING: GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to IMPEACH ROD ROSENSTEIN | Sean Hannity

GOP legislators introduced legislation Thursday night to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; claiming Sessions’ second-in-command was stonewalling their investigation into the ongoing Russia probe and defying Congressional subpoenas.

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Why wasn’t this done sooner? Is it being done now (at the 11th hour), right before the summer break, because it won’t make it to vote BEFORE everyone leaves?
If this isn’t brought to vote (and passed) before everyone leaves, President Trump must demand the release of all documents. Let the chips fall where they may, and let everyone be exposed. WE, The People, are fed with the the posturing and game-playing. The way things are going with this mess, it sure won’t help Republicans during the mid-terms.

This nothing more than political theater timed before the recess. The GOP doesn’t have to votes to pass it. Its just red meat thrown to the base to keep them riled up the next 5 weeks.

Let’s imagine a world where a candidate for President can hire someone to write a book of lies about their opponent, give it to the FBI and then have the FBI issue a wiretap on the opponent. The opponent wins and then the FBI opens an investigation against the winner. Let’s then imagine that the person who wrote the book admits its all lies and then investigated, based on lies, continues. Who in the world would believe anything so ridiculous.

GOP is a disaster, Democrats worse…They cannot get any thing done. Please act Pres Trump.

And to think the only reason Rosenstein and the other perps can get away with subverting the Constitution is because they have determined that the real government of the US is the press. We lose.

It is Odd that Congress and the President have so much power yet they are not using their power. Its almost like they are stalling convictions. This should not be held up until the elections. They know they have enough to charge and convict Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Abadien, Wasserman and many more with treason. Yet they pretend like they cannot do anything. Are we getting hoodwinked?

Yes. You have been conned by Donald J Trump.