David Ortiz in critical condition after being shot in Dominican Republic

He was shot Sunday night in a nightclub. He was flown from Santo Domingo to Boston to be treated. He’s now in intensive care but responsive. Doctors there expect him to recover. Suspects were captured and are in custody.

He’s one of the greatest baseball stars in Boston history. I’m praying for his full recovery.

I’m a Yankees fan so I used to get so pissed at him. But his mark on baseball is unquestionable. I hope he pulls through. Truly.

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Did they find out what the motive was?

The story doesn’t really say. Sounds like senseless gun violence.

What is going on down there. A bunch tourists mysteriously dying too at resorts

Terrific! That’s where our daughter is going for her honeymoon…:grimacing:

Seriously look into it. Theres this resort where people have been dying and one lady thinks she was poisoned

I think it is probably along these lines:

Be thankful for regulations. All sorts of ways to get poisoned in places where the worst of hazardous chemicals are available.

As for Ortiz, I heard it was a case of mistaken identity. Someone else was the target.

As for the tourist deaths, I heard that the minibars at the Hard Rock hotel we’re stocking fake bathtub booze.

I don’t know if either of these stories is true.