Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident . He's Skewering the inquisition

If you have not seen Dave Chappelle doing his bit on the Jussie Smollett . "The french actor " , you are in for a treat. This is what should have happened on all the late night talks shows and every other place that once did comedy and now only does lib propaganda… It’s hilarious. And the way he sucks the audience in at the start is genius…

" Have you heard about this french actor?" " Jussy Smollett"…

The best part to me is when he plays the cop who had to interview Smollett. Asking all the same questions the right did on the incident and that the many on the left didn’t ask and therefore fell for it like CNN on Russain collusion.


Obviously, I can’t link it because he uses curse words But just go to youtube and paste… “Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident”

While you are there check out another foul mouth funny guy I can’t link too… Jericho Green.


So funny!



Gotta check this one out.


That special was Classic Dave. I loved it.

I loved this part too. “Juicy Smollyay “ lol.

However he is a comedian and this is an after the fact bit from him. What is your angle here? There were plenty of people that reserved speculating and other who didn’t… the media isn’t some monolithic group that must all agree.


Yes just focus on this clip… I am guessing you won’t like the other 55mins of it.

That is some pompous presumption on your part.

That type of thinking is what got you the orange genius and will double his tenure.

Never change.


Rush has for decades, played members the news media using the exact same phrase over and over. Hannity does it too. No, the people running the media all know each other. They have the same goals. Come from the same schools, and go to the same parties. They push a narrative and not the news. That’s why it’s called fake News.

How else do we they all go from Russia to Racism to Recession all at the same time.

Now we need someone doing a comedy piece on leftists thinking “Tomorrow CNN or MSNBC will have the Russian smoking gun” …for three years…LMAO!..

Yeti, Big foot, Lochness monster, man caused global warming and Russian Collusion…

Because it all happened… Trumps campaign was involved with Russia… just not to the extent that it became criminal.

Trump did assume that 4 women of color were from another country based solely on their skin color and/or names. Certainly not based on fact.

There are recession indicators… the media would not being doing their job if they didn’t report it.


Prove me wrong then… watch the entire special and let’s discuss.

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Yes just focus on this clip… I am guessing you won’t like the other 55mins of it.

He also has a bit where he skewers the " alphabet" people" that has them all upset. He compares it to him thinking he’s actually feels Chinese inside. OMG!

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Sort of like Hannity and his Clinton conclusion, Obama birtherism etc

Dave Chappelle on Trump voters, from the same special:

“I stood with them in line like all Americans are required to do in a democracy — nobody skips the line to vote — and I listened to them. I listened to them say naive poor white people things. ‘Man, Donald Trump’s gonna go to Washington and he’s gonna fight for us,’” he recalled. “I’m standing there thinking in my mind, 'You dumb … … You are poor. He’s fighting for me,” Chappelle joked, referencing his income."

I won’t provide a link because of the naughty words.

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We all know she erased state department e-mails to escape FOIA. And even Birtherism comes from the 2008 Hillary campaign…

Someone asked him what would happen if Trump got elected again and he said… “get a big tax break”…

Exactly right, as he said himself:

Why would I care to validate my comedy selection with you?

I would rather wear a MAGA hat on a windy January morning…about 2:30 AM …in Chicago while walking 6 blocks to a Subway sandwich shoppe.


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Yes… Not much of a criticism. He spends much more time taking on the " “alphabet people”, and lambasting the #metoo movement. Things you are not suppose to do theses days. Attacking the “cancel culture” is really going against leftist orthodoxy. You must have noticed it’s the left wing media machine that is attacking him for his show…

Where are they attacking him? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

Yes… and How many of our local lefties fell for it. lol!

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There are a bunch…

Here’s one. Perfect fake new.

“In his controversial Michael Jackson-defending, trans-attacking Netflix special, the once-groundbreaking comedian shows his power has been diminished”