Dating app for Trump supporters leaked all its users’ data the first day it

This is so funny.


The app is called “Donald Daters” and aims to connect “lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike.”


I’d like to see a Venn Diagram of Proud Boys members and Donald Daters.


This is hilarious

I can only imagine the complete trump supporter outrage if there was an app called “Obama Daters” which aimed at connecting “lovers, friends, and Obama supporters alike.”

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Well, one has to be pretty damn gullible to fall for anything Trump. So, the idea of creating such an APP was pretty clever. They know their target audience. It does appear they are not very tech savvy.

Coding by Trump Uni. graduates.

From the article: ''VICE downloaded and tested the app, which they described as “clunky and seemingly barely functional.”

A classic Trump product.


Can’t they just use

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Especially a dating app targeting a demographic that is almost entirely male


I believe that would be what we commonly call a “circle”.


What’s funny is that Trump supporters would be attractive to someone in a romantic way. :laughing:

“Donald Daters”? That sounds like a group of very old (older than me) spinsters. :slight_smile:

This would honestly clean up in the DC area if implemented correctly. Apparently the first presidency ever you can work for and the Hill bunnies want nothing to do with you.

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I can’t stop laughing. Donald Daters. Useless and empty.

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Yes, I’ve read that the single people in his administration are having a tough time dating in DC for obvious reasons.

I just noticed that the couple in the ad is interracial. That won’t work for most of the trump crowd.

An app targeting older white men and some women with bad teeth?

No thanks!

Maybe they’d have more luck with a more catchy name…like “moron mingle”.


Spoken like true elitist snob…I mean lib.

These two look like Libs!!