Dallas DA announces he will not prosecute crimes valude under $750

So will this be a weekly, monthly or yearly “salary” for those who participate in this behavior? Well I guess this is what “Blue Texas” is going to look like?

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"The president of the National Black Police Association, Dallas police Sgt. Sheldon Smith, told Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT he is worried some of the changes being adopted by Creuzot will lead to more crime.

“It opens the door for some people to think they can commit crimes,” Smith said."
Sounds like the type of DA who would get elected when all the felons get a vote.

Really? Just because you know you get to keep it and walk home free if you make sure the value is less than $750?
So you also get to do that multiple times. You could make a pretty good living as a thief that way.

Furnishing your house by stealing would seem to be a lot cheaper solution than buying wholesale.

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It’s probably because the salaries of the people involved (police/lawyers/judges) are too high to warrant wasting time on what amounts to petty theft in the GDP.

You go fishing for salmon, not minnows.

It virtually legalizes theft under $750.


Not a living, per the guidelines: "Creuzot’s efforts in Dallas County to decriminalize poverty will include declining to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750 unless the theft was for financial gain."

Wait, isn’t all theft for financial gain?

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In theory if every crime below that amount will not be prosecuted then someone can do this every day as a new means of making a living.

Looks like he’s aiming for lots of reforms designed to ease off on low-income Americans. Some of it sounds good, can’t say I’d agree with that theft angle though.

All theft is for financial gain. If you steal a chair, you have gained the price the chair would have cost.

I suspect this is aimed at someone stealing food etc and has been taken out of context. Could be wrong, and $750 seems high.

Financial gain in this context i’m assuming means to fence or sell on.

Yeah there you go: "Creuzot said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that his new policy not to prosecute thefts of personal items under $750 was based on research that shows that people who steal necessities like food or diapers “do so out of hunger and poverty.”

750 is still way too high, imo. Lower it to 100 or something and I could see it actually working well as a policy, but people would still hate it even if works fantastically.

It says $750, not food. You are just trying to find a way to make this sane. It could include a low end TV.

$750 does indeed seem high; however, if we are looking at the cost to the government for prosecution and imprisonment, the cost to the government could be several thousand dollars.

Low taxes and small government requires tough decisions.

Nah this sounded too much like bait to be taken as stated. Didn’t quite pass the smell test.

Looking at what he’s proposing I can understand exactly what he’s aiming for, and the reasoning behind it. But 750 is too high, if that and the financial gain are the only benchmarks.

Yeah there is the cost angle to it as well, but this is more about the poverty loop some people get chewed up in. At least if you look at all the policies he’s proposing.

750$ a Day is good money! Crazy libs dont hold crimnals to the law… the same ones they break!

Oh, and I should have kept reading, there are in fact more benchmarks:

“Personal items are limited to necessity items,” he wrote in the statement. “Personal items would include items such as necessary food, diapers and baby formula.”

He said anyone who shoplifts for economic gain will still be prosecuted.

“It is understood that individuals who shoplift items valued near or amounting to $750 are most likely shoplifting for economic gain, such as boosting items for resale, and not out of necessity,” the district attorney said."

But Creuzot emphasized that local police departments will still operate according to their policies.

“I have not directed a police department to stop making arrests for theft offenses,” he said. “In fact, I have not directed a police department to stop making arrests for any offense where there is probable cause.”

This will be a great boon to those who go door to door looking for deliveries made by companies like Amazon.

Also wouldn’t be protected under what he’s proposing.

Has to be “personal items”, ie food or diapers. Not random boxes from amazon or electronics etc.