Daily gas price roundup

It’s 15-Mar-2020 and the clock right now says 1:51 PM. On the way to meet mom at a Mexican restaurant for lunch I saw a place where the price was $1.79 (per gallon). I figured I’d get while the getting was good and filled up. On the way to the restaurant I passed another place that was at $1.69.

Cheap gas is going to be great for the economy.

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Nothing wrong with a little extra beer money!

Best i’ve seen so far is 1.76 per gallon. Bet California isn’t anywhere near that low.

$1.73 for E-85 today. Should’ve waited to fuel up. lol

Cheyenne is $2.13 at the local Sam’s Club.

Regular gas stations at $2.40

California? if so that’s the cheapest i ever heard of out there.

Never mind i just noticed the Cheyenne.

About 1.90 for regular here in south central Mississippi.

I run 93 octane so mine is hovering around 2.40-2.50.

2.01 passing through Port Charlotte FL today.

Cheap gas for the monthly trip to get groceries?

$1.69 87 octane

Local station. Won’t know what E-85 in town is priced at for a few more days.

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What is E-85? I see everybody talking about it.

70% ethanol, 30% unleaded gas, 85 Octane.

Hmm, I honestly have never seen that. Of course I’ve looked for it, either.

In the past it’s been normal for me to see E-85 usually around 0.15-0.25 less per gallon than regular unleaded.

Unless your vehicle specifically says it can run on Flex Fuel, do not put it in your tank or your fuel lines/seals may hate you for it.

It keeps the engine cleaner than normal fuel at the cost of about 2-5 mpg less efficiency, depending on your travel.

Some bull**** that will leave moisture in your combustion chamber, ruin your throttle body and wear out your seals and gaskets.

This is about what gas prices were in 2002 when I started complaining about them. lol

There we are, just the way it was always meant to be. lol


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That cratering oil price and low price at the pump represents tens of thousands of oil and gas layoffs.