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The kavanaugh bump…

Brett Baier last night said you liberals are about to lose a seat this novemeber, oops! Heitkamp is toast, and Manchin is about to be toast. Heck Bob Menendez might lose.

Senate is supposed to stay in Republican control. Its not news. Of course Fox News is probably going “DEMS TO LOSE SENATE SEATS! RED WAVE COMING!!!”

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Red Tsunami, I have friends who are left to center, who are voting straight repub ticket because of how the DNC treats Kavanugh, VS how they treat Keith Ellison. And most are women.

That’s great to hear. And I have friends who are right of center who are voting straight Democrat because of how Republicans are ■■■■■■■■ on women and sexual assault.

Actually the DNC clearing Ellison of any wrong doing when there are Doctors Reports to prove the allegation of the accuser is icing on the proverbial cake.

Once again. Time travel with me back to 2010. Nobody gave Heitkamp a chance back then either.
she’s popular among N. Dakotians.

Manchin will win easily. another popular figure in a small state,

Mendendez will win LOL.


She always has a chance.

Heitkamp is almost down by 15 points! Yeah real popular lol! This is 2018 boss, not 2010 a lot has changed. Manchin an easy win? The dude is only up by a point. Menendez only up by a point! Republicans popularity is now poling stronger than DNC candidates, keep up the faith, and dont be shocked when they lose.

Red Tsunami. :laughing:

thats got to hurt!

Not really. See you in November. :wink:

YUP! Your tears will taste delicious.

Ha UPI is owned by the moonies. Same church who it cult leader who outspoken supporter of Nixon and how he was innocent…

its one poll. others i have seen closer.

Like this fox one.


Its a small state. Hard to get right sample.

which is why she came from left field in 2012.

she was down 10 in mid october. LOL



She is still down by 10 according to the Hill, if she votes against kavanaugh shes a goner , ND loves trump.

I disagree. she still has a chance. ;-0

thats why they have elections. Its a tiny state. turnout is key.


Keep up the faith, good luck in November if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, you will need it.

I dont think that too many voters in my swing district (NJ-07) care that Kavanaugh isnt confirmed.

suburbs voters could not give a damn about it.


Ohh NJ is def watching.

The Democrats are probably going to gain a couple of Senate seats. The Senate map is not favorable to the Democrats this election cycle. But Democrats are likely going to gain several House seats. FiveThirtyEight now has the Democrats with about a 75% chance of taking back the House. And Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is up comfortably in the polls to take back Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District for the Democrats.