DACA suspension falls, again due to the fact that Chad Wolf was serving unlawfully

First link is to my thread regarding asylum rules that were struck down on the same grounds.

Chad Wolf has been serving unlawfully as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. Therefore, any and every rule promulgated under him is null and void.

Trump will appeal, but Biden will be in office long before the Second Circuit actually will hear the appeal, so it will be a simple matter for the new Solicitor General to withdraw the appeal, meaning that DACA will stand.

DACA was originally left to stand as lower courts ruled, because the court was split 4-4 at the time. There have been two new justices added since then.
Hopefully, the legality of DACA rules can be clarified if Biden seeks to extend these rules even further, as he has indicated.

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I am hoping that Biden tries to get a conversation going in Congress. I think Bush was surprised when he tried to do something and discovered that it was probably the hottest hot potato issue on the hill.
Schumer tried twice to offer Trump $24B for the wall if he said yes to DACA. Both times Stephen Miller convinced Trump to turn it down. So the Democrats look like they will deal. The question is wither or notthe Republicans are ready. Trump did better with the Latino vote in certain areas (Latinos from countried with socialist programs and governments), but poorly with other Latinos. I believe it is a voting segment that can expand.

No thanks, deport em all.