DACA/extended TPS for wall...that’s what Trump is rumored to be proposing today at 4 PM

Ugh. This again. You just want blanket amnesty for them.

Not exactly blanket amnesty, but definitely a path to citizenship for those without criminal records and whatnot.

What good is extending “protections” for three years? Feels like extortion.

What exactly is a pathway to citizenship? That implies there are barriers and they could fail to achieve citizenship. What happens the first time a dreamer doesn’t get citizenship?

Why hasn’t he declared an emergency already? There will be no final ruling on the DACA lawsuit till 2020.

I suggest you read up on it.

There is no line Dreamers can currently get into and get citizenship.

Yes, a pathway to citizenship can mean a simple fine and a background check…

A pathway to citizenship varies from proposal to proposal. The DREAM act from back in 2001 required them to serve in the military or go to college in order to get a green card. Other proposals just make them get background checks, stay out of jail, pay fines and taxes to get permanent residence.

I think it’s at least five years from green card to being able to apply for citizenship but don’t quote me on that.

People lose their permanent residence all the time and are deported. It’s not new.

Nope, not amnesty. A path to citizenship.

There is a difference.


But a permanent extension of DACA would be blanket amnesty…

There’s nothing “blanket” about it since DACA itself has significant requirements and limitations.

In order to qualify for DACA they have to meet a few minimal qualifications. But once they’re in DACA there are no ongoing requirements to be met. If those protections are made permanent, they’re golden for life then.

It’s more than a few requirements to apply initially and you have to renew (annually I think) without having left the country without notice and not been convicted of a felony, serious misdemeanor or three minor misdemeanors.

Even then, it’s permanent residence which is years until they actually get citizenship.

DACA is not and never was intended to be permanent.

Then why the push for permanent DACA provisions? The left is saying three years isn’t enough.

No one is pushing for “permanent DACA provisions” that I’ve heard of. They’re arguing for permanent residency for those who have received DACA which provides a path to citizenship after about 5 years.

A permanent solution rather than continued uncertainty and continued kicking the can down the road.


So free citizenship for the million plus protected by DACA. Congrats, you’re in. Got it.

What do you mean by “free”? There’s nothing free about applying for citizenship.

And if another federal circuit rules differently?

That’s simply not true, many are ousted from DACA, due to criminal convictions.


Nothing free about being in the DACA program, too.