DACA at the Supreme Court

Which is why Obama’s DACA EO was unconstitutional. Or so goes the argument.

That they did not follow the Constitution?

DACA needs to be knocked down as contrary to existing law. Then a compromise legislation needs to be reached between Congress and the President that will allow most of these people to stay but with more enforcement, more border protection, and reforms to immigration laws.
If they are sent away after the ruling, it will be on Democrats for refusing to compromise.

Democrats want nothing short of DAPA passed as well.

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DACA is already law and is codified.

The trump admin is arguing it was unconstituional from the start.


Tell that to president trump. Lol.

It’s great to spout platitudes when the need arises.


What is going to happen. Not what you want to happen.


As much as these people should stay it wasnt obama power to do this. I understand the reasoning behind it.

The question in front of the court is whether It was constitutional or not.

As trump and obama has shown EO,s are mostly constitutional.

It was an immigration question and the SCOTUS has given large leeway in the president EO regarding immigration.


It wasnt his job to let them stay. That’s congress. They decided to not act. Obama’s action should have been to just relax law enforcement.

Really? I thought the question before the Court was if Trump had the power to rescind Obama’s Executive Order.

What was the Congressional vote on the DACA bill?


Nope, DHS is claiming that the obama,s EO was unconstitutional.

Here is the petition to the Supreme Court.

“In September 2017, DHS determined that the original DACA policy was unlawful and would likely be struck down by the courts on the same grounds as the related policies. DHS thus instituted an orderly wind-down of the DACA policy.”

It’s the department of homeland security who filed this suit, not the president.


The same congress that voted on diverting funds from the military to construct a border wall.


thanks…I’m kind of surprised they gave DHS “standing”.

Let’s see the code.

I think SCOTUS will find some reason to send it back.

I would love a decision like this. “Congress do your job”. One page, one line, 4 words. Maybe throw in. “Quit asking us to fix your ■■■■■■

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I don’t expect SCOTUS to have that in them.

PS: “Not following the Constitution” isn’t a technicality, of course. So no, not for that reason.

Trump had this deal early on and he walked away from it.

It wasn’t just “this deal”.