D.B. Cooper: Investigators Claim They’ve Discovered Skyjacker’s Identity

I know we’ve had claims of this before, but from the article, it looks like they may really have him. And he’s still alive and living in Southern California, the article says. Well, lock him up.

According to filmmaker and author Thomas Colbert – who has led the independent investigation into the cold case for the last seven years – the real Cooper is a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran named Robert Rackstraw. And the proof is hidden in a series of letters allegedly written by Cooper in the months after the hijacking and his disappearance.

Here’s some of the series by Thomas Colbert, the same author mentioned in the story, on YouTube.

I’m near the end of the video. It’s a shame there’s compelling evidence against this man—an uncle by the same last name & extensive military training, including psy ops.

Yet in spite of the John Doe warrant, which wasn’t issued with a time limit, the FBI has archived the case.

Victimless crime, my (rear).:rage:

OTOH, as was stated by the Agent in Charge, Curtis Ing, the FBI doesn’t pursue based upon well done presentations, but hard evidence. There is a possibility Robert Rackshaw is not D B Cooper.

I still think it’s a shame, though, that no other leads are being pursued based on the John Doe Warrant.