Cynthia Lummis and Liz Cheney win their respective primaries in Wyoming

Cheney beat an unknown opponent and will coast to reelection in November.

Cynthia Lummis won a ten way primary with an outright majority and will be the next Senator from Wyoming, replacing the retiring Mike Enzi. Lummis has previously held numerous offices in Wyoming, including United States Representative and is pretty much a standard conservative.

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I bump this humble thread because I am curious: Cheney indeed coasted in 2020. As far as I can tell, their only prior disagreement was over how to do the withdrawal from Afghanistan. She was a reliable vote for him and she then voted for Trump in November. Then . . . what happened?

she became an abolitionist


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she joined the clown committee so she could exact her daddy’s revenge.

thats it. she could survive the impeachment vote, nobody really cared, the outcome was certain. she could not survive using the trappings of her office in a sanctimonious effort to exact daddy’s revenge.


What is she avenging her dad for?

saying bad things about her daddy

Just because Trump and MAGA world are petty doesn’t mean everyone else is.

lol… liz’s entire last 18 months has been nothing but petty. i’m sure her next 18 months will be equally petty, only without the trapping of office to pay for it on the tax payors dime,


When did that happen?

if you slept through the last 6 years i can’t help you

With help from testimonies from members of the Trump administration she exposed DJT’s dereliction of duty and that he is unfit to hold the office. MAGA world ego can’t stand revelations of who Trump really is and place their own petty characteristics to her.

Cheney during the Trump administration supported Trump policies 93% of the time. After Jan 6, she embraced the same people that denounced her father calling him a “Nazi” and a war criminal? Then she compares herself to Abraham Lincoln?


yeah, thats the narrative. and its complete partisan ■■■■■■■■ and spin.

Yeah, it’s just petty to invade an opponent President’s house, steal an election and lie lie lie.

Disgusting people


Trump tribalism on display.

Petty and completely forgot about the folks in Wyoming she was supposed to be looking out for.

Probably won’t need the taxpayer dime however. Tucker Carlson seemed to think her wealth had increased from 6 million to about 33 million during her 6 years in office. :thinking:

Cheney was a reliable voted for Trump in the House; she voted for him in 2020. But then . . .

It takes an idiot not to know.

I don’t consider you an idiot. Don’t prove me wrong on that.

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It’s obvious. Trump tribalism that fears exposure.