Customer & watcher - FOX NEWS Channel

SEAN ! Trump attacks and mega FOX clips & alerts 24 / 7 with thousands repeats like the
current “Roe-Wade” crap on a Trump SCOTUS nomination are killing spirit of Patriots &
MAGA supporters. It matters to me, a USMC Vet - now age 85 and healthy, because I do not enjoy confidence that America can survive the horrible anarchy we are enduring in 2018 ! If the current rampage of FOX producers’ & anchors who use half-accurate disturbing news clips with Ass-clown Democrat “contributers” HOURLY + Imbeciles J.Williams, Heraldo & Martha M.
Please encourage your FoxNews associates to GET-SMART, before I “pull-the-plug” .
Kudos to you, SEAN, the best and smartest news analyst in the CableTV Industry #uncategorized
Robert Shuck…@FactCheckerBob

This post has been adjusted to suit your human needs. It is sincere and very true. Thank you for the finest quality!

I think this means there are a lot of Never Trumpers on Fox. But, I’m not sure…

No one is keeping you from pulling the plug. Changing the channel is real easy, tuning back in to watch Shawn is just as easy.

I understand swallowing what you hear on the Faux News Propaganda machine is like taking a spoonful of castor oil.

I think he’s upset that all of Fox’s contributors aren’t conservative republicans, but I’m not 100% sure.