Current Status of FBI Reform

Comey knew about those email on Weenier laptop for 3 weeks plus. He sat on em until NY office was going to leak em. Then Comey had no option but to come.

Obviously it was but We’re discussing recent history here.

Waco was an ATF operation.

Are you sure? Pretty sure the siege, the gassinf and the fire was started by the FBI. But i could very well be wrong

Well that would be a crime. No?

The FBI has always been political. Police are alwats political. The two terms share a root word.

The FBI got involved after the seige began but it was an ATF operation.

The whole justification for taking down Koresh supposedly was his possession of illegal/NFA firearms and sale of same.

so the attempt to affect and overthrow the outcome of an election - business as usual huh?


well, it used to be.

The FBI and DOJ were both involved. And Ruby Ridge.

I’ve already noted that. Ruby Ridge started with the ATF, then the Marshal’s service and when the shooting started the FBI was all hands on deck.

Waco began as ATF but the FBI was definitely part of the seige. Their pretext for the investigation and raid was the same in both, illegally modified weapons being sold/stockpiled.

It was the sitting on them, apparently instigated by Strzok, that gave them their importance in the election. If they had been released three weeks earlier they would have had their 15 minutes of fame and moved to the background.
The reason they were important was because it came out right before the election. It ate up the news cycle that would have likely otherwise been about new touchy/feely complaints about Trump that were saved to be part of the “October surprise”. The fact that Comey came out and said nothing new incriminating was found did not take away from the fact that it had taken over the news cycle.
Strzok, not the Russians, may actually have put Trump over the electoral hump.

No. I’m only saying that political institutions are always going to be political. Choosing to investigate candidates is political as is refraining from investigating candidates.

Will President Trump clean house in an effort to fix this?

He already has. It won’t fix it.

No, the reasons behind the investigations, how they are conducted, and why is where political motivations come into play.

Not much he can do beyond firing political appointees.

Federal law makes it all but impossible to fire a permanent employee and the process can take years even when unquestionably justified due to the appeals process.

The appointees aren’t the big problem, the permanent bureaucracy is.

Sounds like an excuse for doing nothing.

Sounds like the truth whether you’re willing to accept it or not.

Should Trump openly violate the law and fire the offenders illegally denying the due process?

The rot in the bureaucracy existed for decades before Trump ever thought of running for office.

A great example, he was openly warned that if he went after the offenders in the FBI and Intel communities he’d pay a heavy price because they have the dirt, the will, and the experience to ruin anyone.

My broader statement is correct. When it concerns law and law enforcement, it’s always political.