Crying Chuck. Poster child for TDS

Oh good Lord. Here he goes again. Now Chucky want’s yet another “oversight” hearing to investigate Trump’s “Abject failure.” So what exactly does he want to investigate? Not a single aspect of this has been hidden. It was all in the open for all to see. No evidence of a cover up. WE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING! And If Chuck has already declared it an “abject failure” does he expect a different conclusion from his investigation? Of course not. He has already made his finding. What else is left to do? Chucky is not well. :woozy_face:

He could get the NJ governor to lead it.

Maybe he can find out why the subway trains weren’t sanitized like they said they would.

Not to be outdone by Shifty and Schumer we have this nit wit is launching yet another TDS “investigation.”

They want to know why Trump is cutting funding to the WHO. I guess this clown doesn’t have a phone in his office? He can’t call and ask?

Schumer’s state is dragging the country’s numbers down and he has time to ■■■■ with the man who bailed him out?

They must know it’s over.


Exactly. Politics is back to priority status.

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I wonder if the Dems have enough time to squeeze another impeachment hoax in before November?? They have to have some way to keep the kid sniffer out of the public eye once the pandemic subsides. If they can’t keep everyone quarantined and destroy the economy, people might start scrutinizing stink finger in earnest. Must have a backup plan… :thinking:

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Why should they try to have oversight of a president that does a great job? It’s a disgrace.

That was the consensus of Dems with Obama…

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“Oversight” :rofl:

BS. We don’t know a lot. We don’t know how much information he was getting from the WHO or in his morning briefs. We need to know more about his direction to this staff during February. There is a lot of perception that Trump screwed the pooch on this one. And if he did everything right, why would the right object? Let’s see what their reaction will be. I am betting that they don’t want any type of investigation.

I would feel so much better if Adam Shiff was heading it up.

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You’re serious right? How much information was he getting from the WHO? The same organization that today praised the Chinese government for their transparency and for the great way they handled the pandemic? That you still put any credibility in them says you Libs care as much about the truth in this as you did the impeachment hoax.

It would be nifty if we got Shifty. :grin:

It’s all about punishing Trump. That’s all Schiff and company want.

When did the WHO put out the first notices about Covid? Were they right? Why were they ignored?
Just because Trump wants to lay all the blame on them doesn’t mean that they didn’t do some things right. How much have you researched the overall timeline of what happened?

If Trump is guilty of ignoring direct evidence about the outbreak don’t you want to know about it?

Yeah, I wanted to know I didn’t have to worry about me or my parents losing their plans with Obamacare. We know how that turned out.

Doesn’t that mean that Trump did some things right too? But you want to punish him… and completely absolve the WHO. Makes sense.

I don’t know why you thought you had to deflect, but okay.