CRUZ MOVES: Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Bill for $25 BILLION BORDER WALL | Sean Hannity

Republican Senator Ted Cruz and other GOP lawmakers introduced legislation Friday that would allocate upwards of $25 billion for the construction of a physical wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

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Why didn’t he do this when they had control of all three branches… can’t get it done now in the lame duck.
Trump didn’t shut down the govt during the last 2 years cause republicans probably asked him not to so it wouldn’t make them look bad. Well bad came home and threw 40 repubs out of the roost… no guts/no glory.


People get over it… there will never be a physical wall… infrared laser, state of the art sensors already provin to be very effective. What a waste of money. Cruz you suck , Hannity you suck , Fox News you blow.

There is no wall, all the bs about electronic surveillance sensors lasers etc etc etc will never stop either illegal immigration or drug trafficking. Both of which result in billions if not trillions of economic damages in the provision of social services healthcare etc not to mention the countless lives destroyed or ended. People like Brett are