Cruz and Crowd: Lock Up O'Rourke

Once again right wing crazies appealing to authoritarian tendencies. Crowd chants lock him up regarding orourke and cruz plays a long. Now we have crazies sending bombs to democratic politicians and media organizations. Absolutely pathetic.

And they respond with doe-eyed innocence and tweets about how terrible this morning has been.

I am not sure what supposed crime Beto has committed here.

Being Democrat.

Ted is a spineless coward.

Cruz jokes

Good Lord, it’s the headline.

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Ha ha ha ha.

Kidding not kidding!

Liberals don’t understand humor.

Jailing people is hilarious.

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Especially joking about jailing your campaign opponent.

It’s not humor, it’s hyperbole.

How many electrons were spilt over Eric Holder last week?



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I know. A recurring theme of Republicans chanting to lock up their opponents his hilarious

It’s cute.

Cruz isn’t half the man that Trump is. he needs his crowds to chant “Lock Him Up”.

then he’d get the kind of love that Trump voters give Trump.

That’s probably why there are so many conservative comedians…

Are the snowflakes the ones calling out hyperbole or are they the ones who don’t have the balls to debate without hyperbole?