CROWDED FIELD: Liberal Congressman Predicts Up to 40 DEMOCRATS Will Run in 2020

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Democratic Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island predicted a crowded field for his party’s 2020 nomination battle; saying there could be as many as 40 candidates running against President Trump in the coming months.

Cicilline was speaking with MSNBC when he was asked to comment on the Democratic Party’s potential candidates to square-off against Trump in 2020, saying “We’ll have 30 or 40, probably, great candidates running for president.”

“We’ll have 30 or 40, probably, great candidates running for president, because everyone recognizes how urgent this moment is in the history of our country,” Cicilline said. “We need a great nominee, and I have every confidence we’re going to have a terrific nominee and we’re going to beat the Republican nominee in 2020.”

Someone tell Liberals that there is no strength in numbers in this case…LOL.
Plus…who will be the one to tell Hillary NO?
And seriously now:
Hillary on stage with 40 others??? and she is said NO???..Oh my…
there would be no better sight ever for feasting my eyes.
But I digress. Nobody is THAT stupid…
or is she.