Crit Crap Makin' For Head Shakin'

A running thread of media amplification of incredible claims from Critlandia.

‘Hotlanta’ is even more sweltering in these neighborhoods due to a racist 20th Century policy

Summer is racist. I particularly like this one because of the intersectionality. If not for racism, it would be 80° instead of 100° in Georgia in the summer.


Lack of trees in cities is really bad and exacerbates the heat island effect, a lot.

Because racism.

Some of it.

That’s not what the article says.

It says some neighborhoods in atlanta are hotter than others and they share the data on that observation.

They note that minorities are more likely to live in those neighborhoods because of redlining, a racist practice.


Good grief, just plant some ■■■■■■■ trees and stop making everything about the imaginary bigots in your heads!



A recent article in the NYT analyzed this in depth. The number of urban trees in any neighborhood, even in the same city, had a direct correlation with income level.

Yep… green areas have been historically lacking in the poorest neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods with more, smaller houses and fewer nice things like trees, have lower property values.

When redlining was legal and prevalent, lower property value neighborhoods were the only places banks would write loans for minorities. So minorities could only live in these less desirable nieghboods.

These neighborhoods are hotter than other, higher property value neighborhoods with spaced out homes and trees.


Because of the way the nieghboods were built nearly a century ago, this isn’t always possible.

Or just, bigots in the head then.

What a sad, pathetic way to live. :rofl:


It is an unintended consequence of an undeniably racist policy of the mid 20th century.

But let’s just say “Summer is racist” because then we don’t have to think about it too hard.


You aren’t thinking about it at all.

The only conclusion possible is white man.


One of the few good things that DiBlasio did was have a program to plant a million trees.

They reached that goal. We still need more.

Ants whining about the ant bed.


That’s not what the story says at all.

But you have been successful in what you set out to do…end discussion by poisoning the well.




NYC has a million tree program to plant one million additional trees in the city over a 10 year period. A quarter of which are to be street trees.

Point fingers…it’s always easier than looking at the man in the mirror to solve your problems.


Did redlining result in minorities living in neighborhoods with higher average temperatures? Yes or no?