Criminal justice reform passes through Senate

Bipartisan bill, a significant victory for Booker, Lee and the Trump admin.

Cotton was a big opponent (natch), I do wonder why that idiot Rubio voted against it though.

Great to see some solid bipartisanship.

Good news, glad to see it done.

And all it took was letting the ■■■■■■■ vote happen.

The way the US Senate functions baffles me.

Finally some good news for teeerump

This is good, even though it is a small step.

Great news. Let’s see if our conservative brethren agree.

Finally, something we can all agree on. Even the posters in this thread think this is a positive sign. Bipartisanship can actually exist once in a while!

And then JR has to say something. Womp. Womp.

There’s that bipartisanship we need. Thanks Junior!!

The issue was more Reagan war on drugs.

And people say libs never give Trump credit for anything.

Obama didn’t get it done, But Trump did,