Crime statistics in America + Identifying factual trends. Discussion of police and race

Yes, killings by police is a problem that affects everyone. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we will work to find real solutions.

Example improvements include:

  1. Instruction in schools about what to do if you are pulled over or questioned by police.

  2. Greater use of body cams.

  3. Better training for police.

  4. Better discipline including criminal charges for serious offenses by police.

Looting the Target and burning the local police station are not on the list.

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Exactly, that’s the issue I’m having with them. Pulling numbers out of my hat here, but let’s say:

1,000 white people experience police violence in one year. 73% of the population is white.

1,000 black people also experience police violence in one year. 13% of the population is black.

That’s 1,000 white people out of how many police encounters overall? This nation is 73% white and 13% black.

The statistics as they are, paint a bad picture for the black population on many levels.

Did you look at the figures in my OP? I presented statistics on arrests via race and deaths via race, it’s literally a one to one ratio. In other words in 2016 the probability of being killed in an altercation with a cop for a black person is the same as it is for a white person. The narrative being pushed by the liberal media that cops are essentially on hunt for black men and consequently slaughtering them is completely demonstrably false.

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It’s entirely possible I misread them. My head will quite literally be in and out of the clouds this weekend. lol

I’ve always been under the impression that far more whites have overall encounters with the police than black people. I merely wished to bring that up with regards to what’s reported and compiled.

Statistics were among my favorite classes on the road to my bachelors in mathematics, and they are the most deceptive mathematics taught in school. They can be quite dangerous.

Blacks are going to have more altercations with cops on a percentage basis than any other race via statistics. Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit almost 30% of all the crime. And even more troubling is if you narrow it down to specific violent crimes it’s over 50%. In other words the number of blacks killed by police is logically going to be higher than their percentage of the population.

To have an honest discussion about the issue you have to discuss the crime stats and those are that 13% of the population (really only 6.5% since only half are males) is committing over 50% of the murders and 60% of the violent robberies.

Then you have to ask why and that is extreme poverty. Look at any town anywhere US, even states that are virtually all white like Idaho or West Virginia, and the crime map will be virtually identical to the poverty map. Poverty is what drives crime and the more extreme the poverty the worse it is and even more so when its in a dense urban environment.

Blacks are far more likely than other races to be mired in extreme generational poverty. Which is what leads to the rise in minority gangs in these communities and that is where the vast majority of the violent crime is coming from.

Police are then told to go in and solve this crime problem but that is like using a hammer to cure cancer and then people blaming the hammer for it not working. Obviously the hammer (police) is needed to respond to the crime but to solve the crime problem in black communities is going to take uplifting the black communities mired in a culture of poverty.

Every cop in America agrees with this without exception. It comes down to money, time, and injury. With depts already being short staffed everywhere its very hard to squeeze in training so what most depts end up doing is giving the once a year hands one training where you spend 2 to 3 hrs going at 25% speed against someone who isn’t resisting at all. There is next to no chance of actually retaining the muscle memory here to actually apply this techniques in the field, especially when going against someone who is allowing you to apply them rather than a realistic scenario where they would be fighting back at full speed and strength. So what happens in the field is cops just end up going to brute force techniques because thats all the can easily apply under stress in the heat of the moment.

  1. I mentioned money. Training costs money because your pulling officers off of shifts to attend, which is doubly difficult when dealing with swing and nightshift officers since you may have to pull them for two shifts just to attend one shift of training since training is always held in the daytime.

  2. Time. As mentioned above your pulling officers off shift to run training but that leaves shifts short staffed. Meaning often overtime ends up being paid to cover shifts for officers in training. With short budgets depts can’t afford to do this more than the bare minimum which as I said above makes it next to worthless.

  3. Injuries. This is a big one. Even going at 25 to 30% speed against a cooperative opponent people still get hurt all the time in training. Which costs money in medical bills and lost time at work. Even if the salary is covered by workmens comp that doesn’t cover the cost of the guy now being paid overtime to cover the other guys shifts while he heals. Up the speed to something meaningful and the injuries increase. I’ve seen broken ankles, torn up shoulders, numerous back injuries, etc all from training. I hurt my own back bad enough once to miss a week of work as I severely pulled something at 30% speed. I tore the pec muscle of another officer going at 30% speed trying to apply a technique.

It’s best not to look at statistics and data because as CNN pointed out.


That is incorrect. Poverty does not drive crime.

Are Idaho and West Virginia more white than New Hampshire?

Willing to bet a virtual box of donuts right now that the highest crime spots in New Hampshire are the lowest income of area of New Hampshire. Every city is also going to have its higher income and lower income areas and I’ll double that box of donuts to say that each one of those has a higher crime rate in the lower income section of town than the the higher income.

Crime has nothing to do with race other than that race is directly related to poverty and poverty is the major driving factor in crime. Blacks are mired in much greater poverty, generational in many cases, than other races thus crime is higher.

If your trying to say New Hampshire has a lower crime rate or higher than Idaho / West Virginia then you haven’t actually said anything against my point. Whites can be in poverty too. My city is less than 0.5% black. We still have crime because whites commit crime too, poor white people do more.

Every city every place will have crime and its going to by in large the poor people doing most of it. Now one could discuss if they are poor because they are criminals or are they criminals because they are poor but either way the end result is the same: its the poor people committing most of the crime. BTW, I think its both. Criminals tend to lose their jobs and end up in debt to the courts thus they end up in the poor parts of town. Likewise those born into poverty often turn to crime as a means to get by. And then both groups intermix which basically doubles down on the problem.

Babies born to two parents that do not lovingly raise them, regardless of race, is THE number one reason for poverty…PERIOD!

There was a ton of real research done one this back in the 70s. I suggest starting with Why Men Rebel by Ted Gurr.

It’s not poverty.

There is a correlation, but it’s mostly because they need a chaotic environment for cover.

It’s greed, laziness, a fringe (bandit) culture. They covet.

You could offer a $100k a year job to anyone of them and they wouldn’t last a month if they actually had to do what we consider work.

“Making it” is extremely hard work and takes discipline and sacrifice.

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Sure but solve this. You can’t.

Plus a single parent who is loving is better than the same parent with a piece of crap other parent. Case in point me. My father is a mentally ill violent piece of crap. Most of my first memories are of him beating my mother, once into a miscarriage.

So I’m far better off having been raised by mom, after she fled him, than by being raised by two parents. Thus is the reality much of the time.

The whole “two parent” argument ignores the reality of the world by introducing some impossible pollyanna version of family that just won’t happen and shouldn’t happen in many cases.

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Education. It won’t solve it, but real education will go a long way. As will leaders not promoting thug culture.

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Yes I can but you won’t like the solution? If a child is born, at one year of age, a meeting is to be held with the parents. If both are not actively involved in the raising of this child in a loving, nurturing way…providing for them both financially and physically…their genitals are at risk…and they are warned as such. At two years of age, there’ll be another meeting investigating the same criteria. If it’s deemed that one or both are not responsibly providing for and nurturing this child, both or which ever is not…loses their genitals. If this solution is applied, this problem is cured with in two generations…and…ya gotta like that?

The only problem I see in all of this…and it’s a big one…is, who’ll be the judge? :sunglasses:

You’re obviously…a puss. :sunglasses:

The American man is absent.

Any real world solutions? Or just hyperbolic violent ones that shouldn’t exist in a sane society.

I joke all the time about birth control in the water but I also get its a joke.

The racism claim which spawned the likes of BLM and ANTIFA was debunked a long time ago based on factual statistics. Uniformed law officers come in all sizes, gender, and race and lies like this incite violence & endanger all police officers as well as the public so I’m sick of it too. :angry: